About Bench Life

I am a passionate and long-suffering fan of the Toronto professional sports scene. Big fan of baseball, basketball and hockey but more specifically Blue Jays, Raptors and Leafs. I am too young to remember either Blue Jays World Series or the Gretzky high stick. The high points in my fandom are the 2004 Leafs vs. Senators playoff series, the 2012-13 Leafs before the collapse, watching Halladay pitch on an irrelevant Jays team, the 2013-14 “We The North” Raptors team, meeting Roberto Alomar and watching the Bautista bat flip on television.

With this blog I hope to give some love to the bench warmers in sports.  I am a seasoned bench-veteran with more than enough experience watching sports from my court-side seat. With this perspective I feel I can offer a kind-of-interesting, hopefully entertaining, definitely different point of view.

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