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Throwback Thursday: NBA Players in College

Credit: (Feb. 2, 2015 – Source: Joe Robbins/Getty Images North America)

To look for the future stars of the NBA you typically need not look any further than the NCAA. With March Madness kicking off today I though I would take a look back at the current stars of the NBA when they were in college.

James Harden, Arizona State (2007-09)

Who is this guy? Burgess pointed out to me that without his beard that Harden used to kind of looks like Ludacris.

Image result for ludacris

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Bench Talk Episode 6: Brackets, Shamrocks and Broken Doors


(0:38) March Madness
(19:00) NFL Offseason
(33:38) St. Patrick’s Day (Barstool story at 39:50)
(45:18) Sporcle Challenge: Naming MLB players who hit 35+ home runs and 120+ RBIs since 2000
(54:56) This or That:
Guinness v Jameson v Bailey’s
St. Patrick’s Day v Halloween v Homecoming

It’s almost the one year anniversary of this video.

Collateral damage 💀💀💀

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It was surreal to even be a part of the experience.

Also we have less than an hour until our March Madness tourney Bracket Challenge closes so contact one of us before it’s too late!

Contest Alert: Bench Life Sports March Madness Bracket Challenge

If you’re looking for a March Madness bracket pool to join look no further! The boys at Bench Life Sports have started a group on The rules are pretty standard: one bracket per entrant, $10 entry fee, whoever’s bracket is the best will win the whole pot. The winner will also receive a custom Bench Life t-shirt that is currently being designed by our top-notch team of graphic designers.

For challenge entry DM one of us on Twitter to discuss payment options and we’ll share the password and invite you to the private group.

Twitter handles:

Cheers and happy Madness!

The Cleveland Browns are starting to cook

Since Hue Jackson became Cleveland’s head coach in 2016, the Browns have compiled a nauseating record of 1-31. Last year they became the second team in NFL history to go 0-16 (the other was the Detroit Lions in 2008). It has been a while since the Browns organization has even threatened to be relevant, but I think it’s safe to say that last year was finally rock bottom (knock on wood).

Since the end of the 2017 season they have brought in a new GM in John Dorsey who has already begun to put his stamp on the roster.

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Bench Talk Episode 5: RJ Umberger Helper

The title of this weeks eppy comes from some out-of-the-blue RJ Umberger discussion during our new Sporcle quiz segment. Clearly the guys do not think as highly about the obvious and innate talents of the Umberger Helper as I do.

(1:40) NFL Offseason Talk
(23:08) Movie Talk from non-Academy accredited reviewers
(35:30) Sporcle Quiz: Top 50 NHL scorers from 99 to 09
(51:30)THIS or THAT
(52:05) October v March v April in the sports calendar
(58:18) 1 Oscar v 5 NBA Rings (Bonus Intramural Volleyball Talk at the 1:01:56 mark)
(1:03:05) Bowling v Mini Golf
(1:08:48) Bonus This or That: Pool v Ping Pong

Free Agent Stock Market Crash: Mike Moustakas

This has been a weird offseason for the free agent market. I can’t remember a year with this much Major League talent left unsigned at this point in Spring Training. Among the headliners are Cy Young winner Jake Arietta, quality pitchers in Lance Lynn and Alex Cobb, and two time All-Star third baseman Mike Moustakas.

Moustakas was a key bat for the 2015 World Series winning Royals team and has been a pretty steady power bat at the hot corner for a few years now. “The Moose” peaked with a 4.4 bWAR in 2015, but cranked 38 home runs just last year. Despite his power, Moustakas’ bWAR was only 1.8 last year because of his incredibly troubling .314 OBP. At age 29 his defense has started to regress and he missed almost all of 2016 with a torn ACL which almost certainly has restricted his range. But any other year in the past there would have been an all out bidding war for this type of bat. Which begs the question: why is he still available? Below I’ll give a breakdown on which teams he would fit on and what teams just don’t have room.

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