Bortles vs. Brady: The BOAT vs. The GOAT

The last time the Patriots ran into a: a) Tom Coughlin-led team, b) with a polarizing quarterback, c) in the playoffs this happened:

Today’s AFC Championship Game has been branded the BOAT (Best Of All-Time) versus the GOAT (Greatest Of All-Time) as a true battle of the quarterbacks. Sure Tom Brady might be considered “the greatest QB of all-time”, but the way that man-child Blake Bortles has plugged his way to within one game of a Super Bowl appearance is truly a sight to behold.

In advance of this afternoon’s big game I’m going to break down various aspects of the Bortles vs. Brady match-up. Read more

A Tribute To Rene Rancourt

It’s been a long 42 years, but after this season a Boston Bruins legend is calling it a career. Rene Rancourt, who first began to sing the national anthems before Bruins games in 1976, announced yesterday that this would be his last season before retirement. It’s not very often that teams become so attached to a singer, or even have the same singer for every game, but over the years Rancourt has become a fan favourite to Bruins fans everywhere.

I realize you’re thinking “So what? He’s just a singer” but Rancourt has been a staple with the Bruins for almost half a century. In fact, he’s become such an important part of the team that he got his own Stanley Cup ring after the Bruins won in 2011.

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NBA Locker Room Fight Index: Who’s the last guy you want to see?

What a week for basketball feuds. Monday afternoon kicked off with Kyle Lowry and Ben Simmons mixing it up on the court and threatening to meet eachother in the tunnels after being ejected.

Then later that night was the whole Rockets-Clippers debacle that took the NBA by storm.

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The #MinneapolisMiracle Kept the Vikings Dream Alive


We’re inching closer and closer to the Super Bowl, and the games keep getting better. It all kicked off with the Eagles hosting the Falcons on Saturday afternoon. Without Wentz, nobody really gave Philly much of a chance to move on, but the Eagles embraced their new underdog role this weekend.

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2018 NHL All-Snub Team

Yesterday the NHL announced its All Star rosters and, as a result of the smaller divisional rosters that come with the 3 on 3 tournament format, there was some high-caliber talent left out of this year’s All Star tournament.

So why not round up the best of the rest and enter a fifth team to the tournament? A group of left-behinds who could strut into the tournament with their own set of ugly neon jerseys with John Scott and the face and coach of the team. Make a real spectacle of the thing considering the event is usually kind of boring anyways. Here are some of the players that I feel could’ve easily earned the distinction as 2018 All Stars. Read more

Team Canada Reveals Men’s Olympic Hockey Roster

When a Leafs fan sees the names Mason Raymond, Ben Scrivens and Brandon Kozun lumped together in one place it is usually followed by an uncomfortable shiver and a remembrance of past negative experiences.

But this is a much different set of circumstances.

With Canada set to march into the Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea on February 9th, Hockey Canada placed the finishing touches on the Men’s Olympic Hockey team.

Without NHL player participation in this year’s games, General Manager Sean Burke was tasked with scouring the globe for the next best Canadian options available to him. Now with the team set, it’s clear the most heavily represented league is the Russian-based Kontinental Hockey League (KHL) as 13 of the 25 players call it their professional home, with other entries including the Swedish Hockey League (SHL), American Hockey League (AHL) and the Swiss National League. Read more

The Titans had Another Music City Miracle

Wild Card Weekend in the NFL was exactly as the name suggests: wild. It started with Kansas City vs Tennessee in a game that many people were expecting the Chiefs to win easily. After building a 21-3 lead, it looked like Kansas City was running away with the game heading into halftime. But right at the end of the 2nd quarter, the Chiefs lost one of their top playmakers in Travis Kelce after a big hit.

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