The Blue and White Blog Game 3: The Haves vs. The Hab Nots


Leafs are 2-0 on the season after a nice 4-1 win over the Blue Jackets last night. Good start but not unexpected. There was a lot to like in last night’s game. Cody Ceci actually looked kind of good and scored a goal. Don’t hate that one bit. The boys making the big bucks led the charge and the Marn Dog racked up two goals and one assist like the $10.89 mil man he is.

My buddy Ben is a die hard Blue Jackets fan and drove all the way to Ohio to see last night’s game live. Tough luck to travel all the way for that game. To watch the Leafs of all teams dummy your team back into Nikolai Zherdev era level irrelevance must be infuriating. I hope I’m wrong for the sake of those plucky little Blue Jackets. Some things you just hate to see.

Also of note, apparently the Leafs are giving out a Raptors championship game ball to the player of the game after each win. As a die hard fan of both the Raptors and Maple Leafs I’m completely on board for this new tradition. Below is a clip following Toronto’s home win versus Ottawa Wednesday night.


I’m not a not a conspiracy guy but, is Auston Matthews the possible love child to Steve Nash? Exhibit A: see the handles. Exhibit B: Steve Nash did play hockey growing up. Exhibit C: Auston Matthews is from Arizona and Steve Nash played point guard for the Phoenix Suns in the 90’s. I’m just connecting a few dots here.

Also does Auston look like hung up on the captaincy snub?

The Game

Last year Toronto had a 3-0-1 record against the Habs outscoring them by a combined total of 18-14. Any improvements made to Montreal this offseason were largely internal. More responsibility is going to be placed on the shoulders of youngsters Kotkaniemi, Suzuki, Lehkonen, Mete and Fleury.

This looks to be Toronto’s first real test of the season (I may have given Columbus a little too much credit in yesterday’s blog). Last season Montreal only missed the playoffs by 2 points and, with the seventh youngest roster in the NHL (average age 27.4 according to Roster Resource), they’re definitely on an upswing.

Here’s a look at Toronto’s lineup tonight at home versus the Canadiens:

The first thing I noticed is that the fourth line continues the shuffle. Spezza gets a rest after a solid game in Columbus. It just doesn’t look like the guy will ever get the chance to actually play a game in Toronto. Say what you will about Babs but it looks like the Leafs actually have five solid options for the fourth line and the first few guys to blink will be on the outside looking in. Even though we’re in the regular season every game is a tryout for these guys. That’s a decent problem to have.

Players of Interest

Carey Price

Image result for carey price dart

At 32 years old Price is still definitely an All-Star goalie. Still a top 10 goalie eve. But it’s been a while since he’s been considered “elite”. The last season he had a save percentage above .925 while playing more than 40 games was 2014-15 where he tossed up a league-leading .933 mark winning the Hart and Vezina. A return to that form for Price would like mean a return to the playoffs for Montreal. In a crowded Atlantic division that’s a scary thought.

Michael Hutchinson

First game of the season for Toronto’s newly anointed back-up. Hutchison has to instil more confidence than Garrett Sparks did. Old Sparksy had flashes of NHL-level competence but for the most part he was shaky at best. More stability in goalie depth would do wonders on Andersen’s workload.

I will say that I would’ve preferred that they start Hutchinson last night to save Andersen for the better Canadiens team. I guess the thinking is you want your starter to lock-up the more winnable game in the back-to-back and see if your back-up steals one. Either way Hutchinson needs to look good to shake the Sparks Scaries.

The Rat Pack

AKA Max Domi and Brendan Gallagher. Both of them are some sort of Matt Cooke-Brad Marchand-Darcy Tucker hybrids. They’re infuriating to watch as fans from the opposing team and every time they take a swipe at someone in a scrum it becomes bulletin board material. Last year I drafted Gallagher and Domi in fantasy hockey because they both plummeted down the rankings because of mediocre 2017-18 seasons. They were fantastic and the fact that I got any satisfaction from their goal scoring rotted me to my core. I hate these guys.

Final Thoughts

Here’s a quick power ranking on NHL teams that I hate:
1. Boston
2. Montreal
3. Carolina (just bugs me that they have a team (even in last year’s “Storm Surge” season they were 28th in average attendance))
4. New York Islanders (their fans on Twitter continued to light up Tavares’ spot last year + thought they were the cock of the walk for one good regular season)
5. Ottawa (bumped up to #3 when they’re actually relevant)

Any time the Leafs beat one of these teams I just feel better about things. Cheers to the first HNIC of the year!







The Blue and White Blog Game 2: Toronto Looks to Run the C Bus off the Road

Game One sure was a beauty. Sure, letting in the first shot of the season isn’t ideal. I for one wasn’t too nervous. Would I have liked for Cody Ceci to have cleared Tkachuk from away from the front of the net? No question. But 441 games into his career, the book is out on Ceci. Would you get angry at angry at a donkey for being livestock? I would if I was paying that donkey $4.3 mil.

But by the second period we were rocking and rolling. Matthews got on the board not once, but twice to become the franchise’s all-time leader for goals in opening-night games with nine. His two goals helped the Leafs cruise to a 5-3 win (they outshot Ottawa 42 to 26 so as much as you can cruise in a two goal game). Freddy didn’t play great, but he usually starts the season out slow so there’s no need to panic. Read more

The Blue and White Blog Game 1: Battle of Ontario Round 234 Electric Boogaloo

Thank Christ that the 2019 offseason is finally over. What consumed most of Leafs fans’ consciousness this summer was the whole Mitch Marner show. How many other teams have had their star RFA, his agent and his dad publicly beat the pulp out of their GM? All the while watching every other RFA imagine-able sign a more “team-friendly” deal. Say what you will about Point or Rantanen signing more palatable deals than Mitch’s six year $65 mil. But the Charlie McAvoy signing, to me, was the biggest gut punch. How can you call yourself “Chuckie Bright Lights” only roll over to let the Bruins pet your belly and sign for $4.9 mil a year? Watching the Bruins masterfully manage their salary cap makes me sick.

And after months of restricted free agent brain damage Auston Matthews hit Leafs fans with an underwear clad RKO just when we thought they were out of the woods. Now, supposedly, he won’t be named captain after it was reported that he was management’s choice prior to his charges becoming public. And now media and fans alike are debating whether Matthews deserves the captaincy or if it should be Tavares or Reilly… For the record could not care less.

But maybe, once the Leafs finally get a captain named we can finally just dial back and play some hockey…


What a circus. I give this lineup move a 9.1 Babcocks out of 10. Honestly, what are we even talking about here? Spezza only has 53 points in 154 games over the past two years which isn’t great. But–and I can’t stress this enough–WE’RE TALKING ABOUT THE FOURTH LINE HERE! We have a veteran taking a pay cut to chase a Cup with his hometown team and we’re already benching him!? For better or worse Toronto is a cap team for the next five years and will need some guys on the veteran minimum to round out the roster. If this is the precedent, who in their right mind will sign here?

If Spezza truly stinks, trot him out there on the fourth line for a few weeks and let fans and media come to that conclusion on their own. This is social suicide and just wreaks of Babs marking his territory. I wouldn’t be shocked if at the captain’s reveal press conference today Babcock just appears from behind the curtain with a C sewn onto the breast of this blazer. Babs doesn’t want you to get it twisted, he drives this ship with soy boy Kyle Dubas clinging on in tow.

The game at hand

The Battle of Ontario record currently sits at 102-108-12-11 in favour of the Senators. This includes Ottawa’s record pre-1934. The Leafs and Sens haven’t been relevant at the same time since the early 2000’s. The Senators owned the post 2005 lockout era with the likes of Alfredsson, Spezza, Heatley, Redden, Chara, Havalat etc. while the Leafs puttered around with the Muskoka Five. The Sens then ran into some success with Erik Karlsson, Mark Stone, Mike Hoffman, Kyle Turris and kind of Bobby Ryan during the whole Double Dion + Phil the Thrill marriage.

The Auston Matthews era signals a time where it is decidedly in Toronto’s favour in the next chapter of the Battle of Ontario. While Leaf fans are worrying about who their next captain is and who will be on the fourth line the Senators are trotting out this lineup:

Screen Shot 2019-10-02 at 3.23.39 PM

P U this team stinks out loud.

Let’s just say that if the Leafs truly want to have Stanley Cup aspirations, they have to take care of business at home against teams of Ottawa’s ilk. If they can’t win these games, let’s just say that there’s much bigger problems than who’s bumping and grinding on the fourth line.

Players of Interest

Battle of the Swedes

Erik Brannstrom vs. Rasmus Sandin figures to be a glimpse of the future of both teams bluelines for years to come. Brannstrom will immediately be thrown into the fire considering he’s one of the few non-cardboard cut-outs not occupying the Senators blueline. Conversely the Leafs can bring Sandin along slowly considering their depth on the left side of the blueline.

Matthews, Marner, Tavares, Nylander, Rielly, Barrie, Muzzin, Andersen

What a murderers row of NHL talent. By season’s end I’ll have a nickname drawn up for this core. T-shirts and merch will quickly follow.

The Other Guys

There’s still come things that need to be sorted out as the season progresses. Kerfoot needs to step into the 3C slot previously occupied by the best third line centre in hockey. I obviously don’t expect him to replicate Kadri’s production but he has to be good.

I like Kapanen and Johnsson and hope that they can both hang in the top two left wing spots respectively.

If Ceci can’t hang on the right side of the second pairing there’s going to be an issue. A solid back-up goalie would help Andersen stay healthy.

Hutchison gets the first crack at the role, but who’s to say Kaskisuo or Mr. Outside hire won’t supplant him.

Also some penalty killers need to emerge considering last year’s unit ranked 17th in PK%.

The Young Sens

Believe it or not there is a pulse on this Ottawa team. Between Brady Tkachuk, Thomas Chabot, Colin White and the aforementioned Brannstrom, there is a semblance of a future elite core. Say what you will about the owner alienating players and staff alike, but Pierre Dorion (in the organization since 2007 and general manager since 2014) is a solid talent evaluator.

Not Jason Spezza

Final Thoughts

This has been the most fatiguing offseasons that we’ve had in the Dubas era. But now that we’ve gotten through it, we’re entering the 2019-20 season with a truly outstanding roster. This is a core that finished with the 7th best regular season record in the league last season. And now they’re adding a full season of Jake Muzzin and swapping the walking suspension, Nazem Kadri, for Alex Kerfoot (sure) and Tyson Barrie (!!!!!). They also took away Babcock’s favourite toys in Ron Hainsey and Patrick Marleau so Babs will have to get creative to keep his best players on the bench (cue his campaign for Gauthier at 20+ minutes a night!).

A lot has been made of Toronto’s future cap situation and Kyle Dubas’ negotiating skills. While they may have overpaid their core, at least they overpaid elite talent. We’re not talking about the David Clarkson contract here. Toronto has Matthews, Tavares, Marner, Nylander and Reilly locked up until 2022. To make a final judgement on Dubas’ tenure right now, good or bad, is absurd. We won’t know for years if this core is a failure or note.

But as of right now, this is the best team the Toronto Maple Leafs have dressed in decades. This is a team currently in its Stanley Cup window. Full. Stop. Quit counting the team’s 2023-24 cap hit and buckle in for what should be a wild season.

Antonio Brown Has Been a Nightmare in Oakland

Antonio Brown - Oakland Raiders #84

The NFL season starts tonight, yet the biggest story in the league isn’t about a game. Instead, we’re still caught up in this nonsense with Antonio Brown and the Oakland Raiders.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few months, you’ve heard at least some of these ridiculous stories. But just in case you’ve missed something, I’ll take this all the way back to the beginning to get you caught up.

Read more

A Title 24 Years in the Making

I still can’t believe I’m saying this.

The Toronto Raptors are NBA champions.

Last Thursday night was the peak of my sports fandom. Having been a Toronto sports fan my whole life there were certainly more losses than wins.

This playoff run has been both both biggest rush and one of the most mentally taxing stretches. They say “act like you’ve been there before” but I literally haven’t been there before. The emotional toll that a playoff run puts you through is something I’ve never had to experience. Usually when my teams make the playoffs it’s like ripping off a band-aid and they get eliminated right away.

This year in retrospect this year was an absolute roller coaster. From the initial Kawhi trade, to the “load management” regular season, losing Game One of the playoffs to Orlando, Philadelphia taking it to seven games, “The Shot”, Milwaukee’s 2-0 series lead in the Conference Finals, Toronto charging back and winning four straight to advance to the Finals, the Klay injury, the Durant injury, the other Klay injury, the Game 6 win…nevermind foul was called before the inbound, Kawhi shoots free throws and then…

Pure bliss.

Best pictures from the Championship Parade

Kawhi Leonard’s championship style.

Frank Gunn / The Canadian Press

Kyle Lowry gazes at the sea of fans.

Steve Russell / Toronto Star

Kawhi Leonard holds his MVP trophy while celebrating with Drake.

Frank Gunn / The Canadian Press

Gerry Angus/USA Today Sports/Reuters

Albert Leung/CBC

Frank Gunn / The Canadian Press

Kawhi Leonard is happy.

Frank Gunn/Canadian Press



My Blue Jays and Maple Leafs fandom is something that I was born into. My dad and grandpa were die hard fans so I would be remiss not to follow those loveable losers into the abyss. I used to bike over to my grandpa’s place on MLB Opening Day and the first Leafs game of the season, kick my feet up and watch the season end just as it started. My Grandpa and I were always optimistic that the likes of Alex Steen and Aaron Hill were the keys to turning their respective Toronto franchises around.

But when it comes to the Raptors, that is a team that I felt that  picked. Which isn’t necessarily a better feeling–I would be an absolute puddle to see the Blue Jays win a World Series or watch Auston Matthews lift the Stanley Cup–but it’s just a different feeling.

Growing up playing basketball in a small, hockey-dominated town, my buddies and I were a group of Raptors fans very much in the minority at the time. The Leafs could look for the right pieces to surround Sundin, we were looking for a point guard for Chris Bosh. The Leafs had Joe Bowen and Bob Cole, we had Chuck Swirsky and Jack Armstrong.

My Top 10 Fringy Raptors

10. Aaron Gray: Tall White Sideline Guy #1
9. Greg Stiemsma: Tall White Sideline Guy #2
8. Pops Mensah-Bonsu: Most Memorable Name for a forgettable player
7. Fred Jones: people forget he won a Dunk Contest
6. Reggie Evans: All Grit First Team
5. Jason Kapono: 3 Point Champion
4. Chuck Hayes: CHUCK HAYES!
3. Jorge Garbajosa: Sometimes the brightest flames burn the shortest
2. Sonny Weems: Clarence Weems AKA Money Sonny AKA Euro League All-Star
1. Jamario Moon: Former Globe Trotter

Being the white, incredibly short, slow, shooting guard that I was, I spent my fair share of time on the bench. My Italian buddy Mikey G would accompany me at the end of the bench. Honestly he’s probably an even big a bigger Raptors fan than me.

At the end of the bench we’d do our best Chuck Swirsky imitations and call play-by-play whenever our mediocre basketball team would sink a few shots. “Onions baby onions!” “Bring out the salami and cheese mama! This one is over!” And when the game in front of us inevitably get boring–usually in the middle of the third quarter of a 30 point dismantling–we’d develop blueprints in order to turn the Raptors around.

“In limited minutes Linas Kleiza has been a stud. If we start playing him more maybe we can catch a few teams napping.” “I for one think Sonny Weems needs more rope.” “Honestly Bargnani might be kind of lazy. But if he can build a bit of a game around his jumper he can be a poor man’s Dirk.”

Yeah we are idiots.

When the clock hit 0:00 in that Game 6 the first call I got a call was from that glorious idiot Mikey G. “We did it bud. Holy shit we did it.” Just an absolutely poetic moment shared between a couple of morons.

My top five Raptors moments

5. Demar DeRozan, “I am Toronto”

We may not have been able to get over the hump with Demar, but his fingerprints were all over this championship team. He was the first All-Star to embrace Toronto and actually decide to stay. Years of watching guys like Carter, McgGrady and Bosh leave for “greener pastures” left Toronto feeling like an ugly step-sister NBA franchise. Nobody wanted to be in Canada… until Demar.

4. “Fuck Brooklyn”

This was five years ago! The first “We the North”. The first “Jurassic Park”. This Raptors playoff team just felt different than the last iterations led by Carter or Bosh. It was a frisky team that the city rallied behind and really set the wheels in motion for what we witnessed last week.

3. I don’t know what to call this but it gave me chills

2. Kyle lifts the “Larry O’B”

Image result for kyle lowry champion

After the Raptors ownership group got the first hoist, Serge and Masai made sure that Kyle was the first Raptor to get his hands on the trophy. The guy is the last man standing from the first “We The North” 2013-14 team. For all of the heat he’s taken in years past over his ability to rise to the playoffs, it’s just poetic that Kyle led the way with 26 points, 10 assists and 7 rebounds.

1 A Kawhi’s Shot

As wild and exciting as Game 6 was last night, this shot–this crazy unrepeatable shot–was the defining moment of Toronto’s championship run. I’ve watched a lot of Raptors basketball and this shot just doesn’t go in. This moment signified that this year was different.

1 B Kawhi’s Laugh

Now this whole piece might come off as the ravings and ramblings of a lunatic, but honestly watching the Raptors for two decades will do that to you. This championship just means so much. It’s just been a wave of pure elation. Cheering for the Toronto Raptors, through their ups and down, has been one of the most profoundly satisfying aspects of my life.

This joy for this Toronto Raptors championship is the cumulation of years of my love for the game of basketball. Driving to tournaments with my parents, practicing fade aways and post hooks in the driveway with my brother, not to mention the countless people I’ve connected with through the sport.

This in of itself is the essence of this Toronto Raptors team. It has just brought so many people together across Toronto, across Ontario and across Canada. It’s a beautiful thing. This was apparent when my brother and I took the whole day off to get into Jurassic Park for Game One of the Finals. In the area the were thousands of fans of different ages and races all brought together by the Toronto Raptors.

Look no further than that Raptors team itself to see how a trivial game can bring people together. Serge Ibaka and Pascal Siakam rose out of Africa to play on basketball’s greatest stage. Spaniard Marc Gasol finally got his first championship at age 34. Jeremy Lin was the first Asian American to win an NBA title. Undrafted Canadian Chris Boucher won a championship in the same season he locked up G League MVP and Defensive Player of the Year. Not a single player on the team was a lottery pick in the respective draft year. And rookie coach Nick Nurse–who started coaching coaching in 1990 for the British Basketball League’s Derby Storm–was the one to bring all of these loveable misfits together. This is one of the best and most fun professional sports teams that this city has ever seen.

Cherish every moment of this team while you can. There’s no point lamenting on the Kawhi decision more than you have to. Just soak it all in because there’s no guarantee we will ever see anything like this again.

The Toronto Raptors are NBA Champions.

Steve Yzerman Returns Home, And With Him, Brings Hope

Early on Friday morning, the Detroit Red Wings have confirmed that the worst kept secret in hockey is indeed coming to fruition. The team will introduce Steve Yzerman as the new general manager in the Motor City during a press conference at 3:00 p.m. ET. Ken Holland, who has been running the ship since 1997, will remain with the organization as the senior vice president.

Yzerman’s reunion with his former team has been speculated since the summer of 2018, if not earlier. Once he relinquished his GM duties to Julien BriseBois at the start of the 2018-19 season, rumours ran rampant. Alas, the prodigal son has returned to the city he led to glory back in the late-1990s and early-2000s, although, the franchise is in a much different state. The Red Wings were synonymous with success for much of Yzerman’s playing career, but the team has missed the playoffs in each of the past three seasons. They have not won a playoff series since 2012-13. Likewise, gone are the familiar faces that carried the torch when Yzerman retired in 2006. Nicklas Lidstrom has been out of the league since 2011, Pavel Datsyuk has been in the KHL since 2016, and Henrik Zetterberg’s wonky back forced him to retire after the 2017-18 season.

In their place, stands a new young core that Yzerman will attempt to build around. Dylan Larkin is the unquestioned leader of the team at 22-years-old. His 73 points in 2018-19 were the most by a Red Wings’ player since Zetterberg tallied 80 points back in 2011-12. Larkin is the odds-on favourite to become the team’s captain heading into next season and has blossomed into a legitimate NHL center. Anthony Mantha, Tyler Bertuzzi, and Andreas Athanasiou showcased they are capable of being difference-makers in the waning stretch of the season as they collectively produced 71 points from February to April. Taro Hirose, the Big-10 player of the year in the NCAA, showed promise during a 10-game trial with the team while Filip Zadina, the sixth-overall pick from 2018, is still a tantalizing prospect that will make the jump to the NHL next season.

The defensive side of the roster is a mess, aside from the emergence of Filip Hronek, as aging veterans like Mike Green and Niklas Kronwall are relied upon far too much. This is the largest area that Yzerman will need to overhaul in the coming years if the team is going to regain relevancy. Kronwall does not have a contract for the 2019-20 season yet, and at 38-years-old, it may be best to utilize his roster spot on a younger rearguard like Dennis Cholowski. In goal, Jimmy Howard signed a team-friendly deal for the upcoming season while NCAA-stalwart Filip Larsson is still a few years away.

The team’s salary cap situation is drastically improving, even though there are still some albatrosses on the roster (looking at you, Justin Abdelkader). The Red Wings could have upwards of $19 million in cap space assuming they do not re-sign Kronwall and Thomas Vanek. Furthermore, the Trevor Daley and Jonathan Ericsson will come off of the books at the culmination of the 2019-20 season. While snagging a premium free agent like Artemi Panarin or Erik Karlsson this summer is a fantasy to consider, it does not seem likely that one player will change the fortune of the franchise overnight. With that being said, Yzerman has not shied away from making a big splash in the past. Regardless, financial flexibility allows Yzerman to shape his roster how he pleases.

Yzerman will also have plenty of picks at his disposal for the upcoming NHL Entry Draft. While the lottery balls did not fall the Red Wings’ way, they own the sixth-overall pick as well as three picks in the second round. If anything was proven during Yzerman’s tenure with the Lightning, it was his savvy drafting ability (although some credit must be offered to their scouting department). He produced players like Nikita Kucherov (58th overall), Ondrej Palat (208th overall), Brayden Point (79th overall), and countless other NHL-caliber players outside of the draft’s top round. In today’s NHL, drafting well is the only way to build a sustainable winner and Yzerman will be leading the war room come June 21.

All of this equates to one word: hope. Yzerman, a fresh-faced center out of Peterborough, gave the Red Wings hope when he was drafted back in 1983. He blossomed into a star and gave them hope in the 1990s when they had not won the Stanley Cup in 42 years. Now, he is back to the lead the team, albeit in a different role, but with hope riding on his shoulders yet again. It may not be a quick fix, but Yzerman is the man for the job, and he has Red Wings fans daydreaming about the future once more.

Jersday Blog April 4, 2018

Now time for the Thursday, Friday, Saturday Jersey Blog! Punctuality has been a hell of a battle lately. Bear with me when I say next week I’ll be back on track.

The Round-Up

Sidney Crosby Pittsburgh Penguins 2008-11 Alternate Jersey

The blue Pittsburgh Penguins jerseys are one of my favourite NHL looks. Crosby is definitely the cream of the crop for this era. Malkin, Fleury, Letang, Gonchar, Staal, Kunitz, Bill Guerin, Matt Cooke, Alex Ponikarovsky. Simply the best.

Detroit Tigers Batting Practice Jersey
(Submitted by Phillip Waind)

Since summer time is just around the corner it means baseball jersey season is almost upon us. The v-neck batting practice jersey a good look for 500 levels beers, barbecues, drinks on the docks and darties. I was with my brother when he got this beauty from Comerica Park last year. Watched the World Champion Boston Red Sox carve up the hapless Tigers. It was a treat to watch Chris Sale when he could still top 90 MPH.

The Tigers may be rotten this year but this jersey is fresh.

Baker Mayfield Oklahoma Sooners Jersey

Baker Mayfield is hot in the streets right now. On paper the Cleveland Browns looks like they will be a wagon this year and Baker Baker Touchdown Maker is the one steering. Mayfield is probably the most exciting quarterback in the game both on and off the field. He can throw the back foot scramble bullets that people thought was in Johnny Manziel’s repertoire and doesn’t hold back from talking shit on Twitter.

Normally a college jersey is a slam dunk for Jersey of the Week but…

Jersey of the Week

Mississippi River Kings Jersey

Never heard of this team. Never heard about the Southern Professional Hockey Team. When I Google “Mississippi River Kings Buker” there is no such player that pops up. But I’ll be damned if this isn’t the wildest jersey that I have ever laid my eyes on. The playing cards, the poker chips, the subtle diamond, hearts, clubs and spades in the background, the red, green and yellow colour scheme, the angry turtle and dog logo. There is just way too much to unpack here.

As of right now the River Kings are out of operation as they search for an owner. Ladies and gentlemen I might just throw my hat in the ring. I would love to be the man to bring hockey back to Mississippi.

Jersey of the Week Scoreboard:

1. @Acooksy19: 6
T2. @beamerr9: 2
T2. @wilsondrew17: 2
T3. @jefftrahan13: 1
T3. @phillydip4: 1
T3. @MondoHarrison: 1
T3. @bstep47: 1

Two straight weeks without a Jersey of the Week submission from Adam. Will he respond?

The Weekly Jersey News Dump

The NHL and New Era are batting .000 on these draft caps.

How is it possible for the Diamondbacks to have approximately 100 active jerseys and all of them stink out loud.

RIP Nipsey Hussle.

Incredible shot by an incredible Argentinian.

Wasn’t a fan of the old look so these are fine… But on behalf of the Saskatchewan Roughriders cease and desist.

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