The Shootaround Episode 60 – Early Morning Podcasting & The Childhood Nostalgia Draft

The five man unit get up at the crack of dawn and record the pod at 9:30 AM on Sunday. First half of the pod is for sports fans and the second half will take anyone down memory lane

(7:17) NHL Playoffs
(19:04) NBA Playoffs
(27:07) MLB’s Spider Tack Controversy
(39:10) Blue Jays Hype Report
(40:59) We fantasy draft movies, tv shows, snacks, video games and toys from our childhood

The Draft

Cam’s Draft

The Incredibles (2004) - IMDb
Watch Even Stevens Volume 1 | Prime Video
Hostess Twinkies, Original, 10 Count (Pack of 6): Grocery &  Gourmet Food
Mario Kart: Double Dash - Wikipedia
7 Piece Mini-Hockey Set (6 Mini-sticks with 1 Mini-ball), Hockey Sticks -  Amazon Canada

Blake’s Draft

Finding Nemo - Wikipedia
The Weekenders - Wikipedia
Dunkaroos fuel comeback rumors after joining Instagram and Twitter •  GEEKSPIN
Pokémon Red and Blue - Wikipedia
The ultimate summer fun toy. Super Soaker 50 : nostalgia

Tom’s Draft

The Mighty Ducks' Posters |
Recess (TV Series 1997–2001) - IMDb
Ring Pops - 1 pop -
Super Smash Bros. Melee - Wikipedia
Hasbro Nerf Dart Gun (2000s): 13 listings

Adam’s Draft

Toy Story - Wikipedia
SpongeBob SquarePants - Wikipedia
Fruit Gushers by Betty Crocker Gluten Free Gushin' Grape and Tropical  Flavours | Walmart Canada
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater (video game) - Wikipedia
Bey-Unboxing: RARE Old School Beyblade Lot! (Dragoon Storm, Fantom, Victory  & More!) - YouTube

Ben’s Draft

Spy Kids (2001) - Rotten Tomatoes
17 Iconic Disney Channel Shows You'll Never Watch Again | Suite life,  Disney channel shows, Suit life on deck
Fruit Roll-ups Blastin' Berry Hot Colors (72 ct.): Grocery
GOLDENEYE: ROGUE AGENT - GameCube: Gamecube: Computer and Video Games -
Tonka | Be Tonka Tough! | Basic Fun!

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