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BLS Fantasy Football League 2018

Preseason football starts this week, and that means that it’s time to get your notebooks out and do your research on who you want to lead your fantasy football team to another disappointing season. Let’s be real, any pick you make will always be the wrong pick. That’s just the beauty (or evil) of fantasy football, and no matter how much you hate it you just can’t quit.

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Bench Life Fantasy Drafts: Gametime Snacks

This could very-well be one of the slowest times on the sports calendar. All is quiet in the NHL and NFL offseasons. Despite a lot of big pieces already moved the NBA is in full rumour-mode which may not see Kyrie or Carmelo moved until closer to training camps. The MLB is too early to get excited about the playoff races, but late enough that some teams are getting some separation.

So in order for us to churn out some blog content, we thought we’d go to the “fantasy draft” well and have each of us draft the best snack spread possible for watching “the big game” from the comfort of your living room couch.

Just a quick rundown on the rules. Each team has 6 picks to select a team consisting of: 1 hot food, 1 beer brand, 1 pop brand, 1 candy, 1 chip, and 1 flex spot. We’d go in a snake draft order based on how many goals each of us has in our recreational ball hockey league: 1. Cameron with 4 goals, 2. Brendan with 2 goals, 3. Thomas with 1 goal. (In my defense I’ve assisted on a couple of each of their goals because I’m a team guy first and a glory hound second.)

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