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Sunday Shootaround Episode 23 – Zach Comes Alive for the “Overrated Stuff” Fantasy Draft

This week Zach comes in hot with some real sports analysis. After he breaks down some Blue Jays game film, the guys talk about a tough Raptors loss and the Bruins championship window closing. We then dive into our last fantasy draft: “Overrated Stuff”. In a five round snake draft each podcaster had to fill in each category:-Athlete-Actor-Food-Music-Misc Here were

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Sunday Shootaround Episode 12 – 2020 Ultimate Athlete Draft

Sorry for the delay. Here’s the latest edition of the Sunday Shootaround, recorded on a Monday, released on a Tuesday. Coming off a controversial Breakfast Food Draft, the fellas go back to the fantasy draft well. Seven rounds and each podcaster has to choose one of each:-Basketball player-Hockey player-Football player-Baseball player-Tennis player-Golfer-Coach Also, be sure to subscribe, rate and review

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Sunday Shootaround Episode 9 – The Adam Cooke Mailbag Spectacular

This week the crew tackles some of the leftover questions that Adam posed for last week’s Mailbag Episode. This leads to a heated debate over food, the best playoffs in sports and Cameron’s logic in general.  Next week will be the long awaited trivia rematch of Blake and Zach vs. The Mighty Ducks. Blake and Zach currently have the 1-0

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The Blue and White Blog Game 4: Singing the HNIC Blues

Well I didn’t think this team would go 82-0-0. But that last game stung. High-scoring game, defensive lapses, soft-goals, bone-headed plays, letting rats get under their skin and beautiful offensive play wasted. That game checked all of the boxes for a typical Leafs loss. And why did it have to be against Montreal? I hate Montreal. The Leafs are a

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Jersday Blog March 29, 2019

Back to back weeks I’ve posted this blog a day late. Sometimes life gets in the way even when jerseys are at stake. Last week I got caught up in March Madness. This week I had the flu. The Round-Up Roy Halladay Powder Blue Throwback Blue Jays Jersey #LetsGoBlueJays — Thomas Waind (@twaind4) March 28, 2019 This puppy came

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Jersday Blog March 14, 2019

The Round-Up John Tavares Toronto Maple Leafs St. Pats 😍😍 — burg (@adamburgess__) March 14, 2019 Any other week this would’ve won Jersey of the Week. This is by far the strongest field of submissions that I’ve had so  unfortunately it falls into the category of the “also ran”. If I was a complete Leafs homer I would’ve named

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