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Jersday Blog February 7, 2019

The Round-Up

Mitch Marner Toronto Maple Leafs Jersey

Now that Matthews is locked up the question on every Leaf fans mind has to be: “do we have enough room for Jake Gardiner?”

Kidding aside, I’m not concerned on whether or not Marner will sign. Dubas already spent half a year fighting Nylander tooth and nail. There is just no reality where Nylander is a Leaf and Marner isn’t.

Now Auston Mathews’ five year $58,170,000 will be a negotiation point but, regardless of how unreal Marn Dog has been, I can’t see him signing for more than the franchise center. For comparison’s sake here’s every RW contract over $6mil over the past five years.

Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 6.17.31 PM.png

I’m torn on what I want a Mitch Marner contract to look like. If they signed him to the same Matthews deal like the Blackhawks did with Toews-Kane in 2014, that means Matthews, Nylander and Marner will all be UFAs in the same summer. But anything with more term would be more expensive for every UFA season the Leafs buy him for.

Either way, buckle up.

Pierre-Luc Dubois Columbus Blue Jackets Jersey

What a pick. What a jersey. I’m a big fan of Columbus’ current digs and Dubois looks like the number 1 center Jarmo Kekalainen promised. I was personally skeptical that they took Dubois over Jesse Puljujarvi but that doubt was quickly put to rest. Check this shit out:

Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 8.13.26 PM

Take another L Chiarelli

Paul Pierce Boston Celtics Alternate Jersey

Here’s my power ranking of Boston Celtics in order of jersability (the amount of heat radiating from a jersey):
1. Larry Legend
2. Paul “The Truth” Pierce
3. KG
4. Bill Russell
5. Brian Scalabrine
6. Ray Allen
7. Kevin McHale
8. Glen “Big Baby” Davis
9. Rajon Rondo
10. Tony Allen
11. Kris Humphries
12. Isaiah Thomas
13. Gerald Green
14. Kendrick Perkins
15. Jared Sullinger
16. Dominique Wilkins
17. Shaq
18. Darko Milicic
19. Popeye Jones
20. Kyrie Irving

Jersey of the Week

Shane McMahon WWE

Here comes the money!

If you have a WWE jersey you’re definitely more inclined to start wrastling people when you’re drunk. RKO’s, throwing people through tables, Stone Cold beer shower and yelling “suck my dick”. There’s definitely a type.

I’m personally not a big wrestling guy but I respect the art of the sport. Back when I used to play Smackdown Vs. Raw on PS2 I was a big Rey Mysterio and Big Show guy. The 619 into The Showstopper Slam was the ultimate tag team.

The Weekly News Dump

This guy sucks

Shooting straight from the hip, Oakland, Detroit, Colorado, Royals and White Sox brought the heat. Just when I think I have enough hats I get roped back in.

Zut alore… Who cares

These Stadium Series jerseys stink out loud

The Jersday Blog January 3, 2019

The Round-Up

Boston Bruins Winter Classic Jersey

I can’t get over how nice these jerseys are. I’m a sucker for outdoor games but missed this year’s for driving home from my cottage for four hours. If anyone on Redstone Lake in Haliburton took a peak at the lake on New Years Eve they would’ve been treated to a real outdoor game. Matt Duchene must’ve heard the Waind brothers were tearing up some outdoor puck on the lake and hurried back to Ottawa.

Tremaine Edmunds Buffalo Bills Jersey

The 16th overall pick in 2018, Edmunds was one of the lone bright spots for the Bills in 2018. The rookie linebacker finished off the season strong and ended up locking down December’s Defensive Rookie of the Month.

There aren’t a tonne of guys worth getting a jersey of in Bills Mafia these days. LeSean McCoy is now a dangerous combination of washed-up and controversial and there’s really no other impactful playmakers. This leaves a handful of young guys like Shaq Lawson, Edmunds and Josh Allen who I’d be willing to shell out some jersey money on.

Khalil Mack Chicago Bears Jersey


This jersey gets the blood pumping. The Bears are an absolute wagon this year and Mack’s the one pulling it. While you can’t credit Mack for all of Chicago’s turnaround, he certainly deserves his fair share of praise. With Trubisky in year two of a four year contract, the Bears have a window to surround a QB on a rookie contract with an elite supporting cast. Call it the anti-Packers model or the bizarro Jaguars reality where Bortles (bless his soul) doesn’t completely wet the bed. Regardless of where the Bears end up, Chicago fans should be pumped that they get a front row seat to the game’s best pass-rusher. Smell ya Jon Gruden.

Deanna Nolan Tulsa Shock Jersey

Credit to my brother for the off-the-board jersey selection. As he recalls it, he saw this WNBA jersey at a thrift shop for $10 and “had to pop on it.” A quick Wikipedia look tells me that apparently Deanna Nolan was actually pretty good.

screen shot 2019-01-03 at 7.41.20 pm

Well I’ll be.

Jersey of the Week

Dirk Nowitzki Dallas Mavericks Adidas Hard Court Classic Jersey

Pour one out for the lanky German. As Dirk’s career winds down I can’t help but get choked up. Dirk and Vince are the only two players left who have been in the league since I’ve started watching hoops. Every fadeaway I hit in beer pong or in the driveway will be in the name of Dirk.

This era of Mavs jerseys are easily their best. Way better than the blue and grey on navy blue that they’ve been rocking for the past 15ish years. Check out this picture:

Related image

Yup that’s the good stuff.

Jersey Dump

I don’t know how accurate this list could be. I’m not seeing Tyrod Taylor, Blake Bortles or Kyle Williams.

What a weird turn the Antonio Brown saga made. No Le’Veon Bell, soon to be no Brown and Big Ben is a couple years away from retirement. The Steelers are (finally) almost done.

Huge fan of this logo. Almost bought one of these bad boys on a hat a couple of years ago only to back out to save money… Only to buy 3 hats a month later.

These Winter Classics jerseys were some of the best of any of the games. Right up there with 2011’s Pittsburgh blues and Washington’s star-spangled throwbacks.

I once wore a hoodie under my baseball jersey while playing in a game in -5 degree celsius weather. That’s Canada for you. I was a combination of visionary and complete duster.

I respect the move.

The Big Aristotle puts asses in the seats.

TBH these two don’t look that alike. Maybe if enough people say that I look like Boban Marjanovic he’ll give me a game-worn jersey.

The Jersday Blog December 6, 2018

The Jersey Round-Up

Brock Badgers Basketball Jersey

Last year the Badger’s mens basketball team was second in the OUA and first in the Western Conference with a record of 21-3 which was good enough to qualify for the USports championship as the seventh seed in Canada. This year’s team is 7-4 and the word on the street is the team looks noticeably worse.

Some would say the difference this year is the fact that face of the program Dani Elgadi graduated to play pro basketball in Germany. Others would point to the fact that unofficial season ticket-holders Adam and I haven’t been to a game since last season. It’s tough to say which is the reason.

Mats Sundin Quebec Nodiques Jersey

Zut alors what a jersey. Pour one out for the Nordiques team that never was. When the Nordiques got bounced to Colorado in 1995, they were the smallest market in the NHL and the second smallest market to Green Bay of the Big 4 Leagues. The unfortunate part is the team was on the upswing and won North East Division with a 30-13-5 record in the lockout shortened 1994-95 season. The following year the Avalanche won the 1996 Cup with this beauty of a roster:

Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 3.18.41 PM

Imagine how much crazier this roster would’ve been had the Nordiques not traded a 22 year-old Mats Sundin for 1 season of Wendel Clark?

Teemu Selanne Winnipeg Jets Jersey

The Finnish Flash. 76 goals and 132 points as rookie. Teemu was a sick sick puppy. While he may have played more seasons as a Duck and won a Cup in Anaheim, Winnipeg is where it all started. While I’m a big fan of the Winnipeg Jets revamped look, their old look is an absolute classic.

Image result for teemu selanne gif

Throwback to better days

Aaron Sanchez Toronto Blue Jays Jersey

Troy Tulowitzki Toronto Blue Jays Jersey

It was just over three years ago that the Blue Jays traded for the best shortstop in the game, 22 year-old Aaron Sanchez was throwing bullets from the bullpen and the Blue Jays were the hottest team in baseball heading into the 2013 playoffs.

Here’s my defense of the Tulowitzki purchase: Tulo was my favourite non-Blue Jay before the trade, he had been one of the best shortstops in baseball and the Jays shop at the Rogers Center was sold out of Donaldson, Bautista, and Encarnacion. Right from the get go Tulo has been a let down and now he gets paid a lot of money to chill on the DL. As long as I have money in my bank account I’ll continue to buy bad jerseys.

As for Sanchez, when he doesn’t have blister issues, has shown the ability of an ace. He’s shown some command issues and might traded for prospects that better fit the Blue Jays timeline. But when he’s on, he has one of the best fastball curveball combos out there.

The Jays might be kind of crappy right now but at least we’ve had a few good seasons in the last 2 decades.

Drew Bledsoe Buffalo Bills Black Reebok Jersey

“The guy before Brady”. The four-time Pro Bowler has become a footnote in the story of the Bellichick era. If he didn’t have a net worth estimated at $48 million I’d actually feel bad that Bledsoe got cucked by Tom Brady.

This gem of a jersey screams early 2000’s. While I love the Bufflo Bills colour scheme and would puke if this were their current jerseys, ugly throwbacks always play. This is some very nice tailgate attire.

Boston Bruins Classic Dark and 1995/96 – 2005/06 Alternate Bear Jerseys

As much as I hate the Bruins I also hate how much I like their jerseys. The jersey on the left was their main jersey in the 80’s up until 95. This jersey was worn by legends like Ray Bourque, Cam Neely and Happy Gilmore.

Image result for happy gilmore gif

As for the Pooh Bear Jersey, as I’ve said above, ugly throwback jerseys always play. I’d rock a Jumbo Joe Thornton Pooh Bear jersey in a heart beat. Bruins hate aside they have some clean looks.

Jersey Dump

Drake doesn’t wear nobodies. This bodes well for RJ “the real Maple Jordan” Barrett.

Very cool.

Nike>Under Armour any day of the week.


I kind of want a Jerry Garcia Grateful Dead jersey now.

Didn’t realize Jrue had two brothers.

Best of Seattle Concept Jerseys

Image result for seattle nhl concept jerseys

Image result for seattle nhl concept jerseys

Image result for seattle nhl concept jerseys

Image result for seattle nhl concept jerseys

Related image

Bench Life Jersey Thursdays October 18th, 2018

This is the third weekly instalment of my “Jersey Thursdays” blog series. Last week we had some nice jersey submissions and an impromptu Rance Mulliniks scouting report. With this week being the start of the NBA regular season I took a more NBA-centred approach to this blog. The readership is starting to go up for these blogs but it seems like the audience participation has been limited to guys that write for this site. That being said, I’m just going to lower my pad level and keep moving the chains.

Read more

This won’t be the end of McGregor vs. Nurmagomedov

So unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably heard about the McGregor vs. Khabib fight. The bad blood between the two fighters has been building for a long time now, including the infamous bus incident in New York and now coming to a boiling point with their fight at UFC 229 last night.

As for the fight itself, it went about exactly as expected but not the way that most people had hoped. McGregor has a polarizing personality; either you love him or you hate him. However, more people love him, myself included. As much as I wanted him to win, I knew it would be the biggest challenge McGregor has faced so far in his career so I didn’t really have my hopes up. Read more

Toronto Raptors Round 1 Playoff Preview

The Toronto Raptors 2017/18 regular season has just come to a close and it has been a historic one at that. With a franchise best 59-23 record, the Raptors clinched the number one seed in the Eastern Conference and the best home record in the NBA. It’s clear a lot has gone right for the Raps this season and much of that can be attributed to the great work of Dwane Casey, the advancement of DeMar DeRozan’s game, the continued high-end stability of Kyle Lowry and the unmatched production from the bench. Because the NBA season as a whole came to an end on Wednesday night, the finishing touches have been placed on all of the matchups for the NBA playoffs that tip off on Saturday.

As the number one seed, the Raptors drew the number eight seeded Washington Wizards. The teams split the season series 2-2 while going back and forth between results in fairly tightly contested games each time (WSH 107-96, TOR 100-91, WSH 122-119 and TOR 102-95). Let’s preview the matchup ahead:

Tale of the Tape

Toronto Raptors

(#1 East)


Washington Wizards

(#8 East)




113.8 (2nd)

Offensive Rating

(Per 100 Possessions)

109.3 (14th)

105.9 (5th)

Defensive Rating

(Per 100 Possessions)

108.7 (15th)

+7.78 (2nd)

Margin of Victory

+0.59 (15th)

57.5% (4th)

True Shooting Percentage

56% (12th)


The Raptors offensive efficiency has been very impressive this season as it has consistently been at the top of the league. While the Wizards managed to finish in the middle of the pack despite the absence of their starting PG for half of the season. The reality of this offensive matchup is actually a lot closer than I would’ve expected as the Wizards actually have an advantage in three point percentage (37.5% to 35.8%), assists per 100 (25.8 to 24.8) and offensive rebounding per 100 (10.3 to 9.9). But the fact remains that the Raptors simply are the better at putting the ball in the basket. Their two point attempts are converted at a better clip, they attempt more three pointers in their winning formula and are 4th in the NBA in free throw percentage. While there are a few things that are encouraging from a Wizards perspective, we’re talking about a Raptors offense that scored more than the Warriors per 100 possessions this season, which simply can’t be ignored.

Edge: Raptors


This is fairly similar to the breakdown on offense, the Raptors find themselves in the top five and have for the course of the regular season and the Wizards are somewhere in the middle. Simply from a personnel standpoint I see the Raptors combination of bigs (Valanciunas, Ibaka, Poeltl, Siakam) causing the Wizards some issues. The Wiz are one of the few teams that consistently lean on a classic style centre in Marcin Gortat, but Valanciunas is quite capable in that matchup, as is Poeltl. But looking deeper, the Wizards lack the size and defensive presence to really scare me away, unless they’re planning on sending out a heavy dosage of Ian Mahinmi and Jason Smith. In that case, be my guest.

Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 5.44.30 PM.png

Jason Smith averaged 3.4 points per game in 8.6 minutes per game this season…this is hilarious.

Anyways, in a small lineup the Wizards do possess some defensive length and athleticism in the form of Otto Porter, but the Raptors boast a very long and capable defensive lineup that has allowed them to average the 12th highest defensive rebounding percentage and second highest blocks per game while holding opponents to the third lowest effective field goal percentage. The Wizards aren’t in the top 15 in any of those categories.

Edge: Raptors

Projected Starting Lineups

Kyle Lowry

Point Guard

John Wall
DeMar DeRozan

Shooting Guard

Bradley Beal
O.G. Anunoby

Small Forward

Otto Porter
Serge Ibaka

Power Forward

Markieff Morris
Jonas Valanciunas


Marcin Gortat


ESPN’s “FiveThirtyEight” put out a short clip fairly recently that focused in on the Raptors second unit’s dominance, it’s kind of crazy how much of an impact they’ve managed to have on both ends of them floor when the majority of the players are sophomores that have been developed within the Raptors organization. They have now formed themselves into the feared #BenchMob and have even campaigned for a shared 6th man of the year award. While that won’t happen, I’ll still take this group over Tomas Satoransky, Kelly Oubre and company .

Edge: Raptors

Star Power:

These two teams have fairly similar foundations in that they’re both built upon the leadership of All-Star guards. The matchups of Lowry/Wall and DeRozan/Beal will determine much of how this series plays out. John Wall has been injured for much of this season as he’s only appeared in 41 games in the regular season due to injury, but when healthy he’s a player that has the ability to be the best player on the floor in this series.

Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 4.01.28 PM.png

The main (and maybe only) critique of the Raptors is their All-Stars not providing All-Star production in the playoffs and based on the past couple years of playoff appearances, those comments can certainly hold some weight. While the Raptors are quite reliant on their top two players to provide offense, the Wizards lean on Beal and Wall even more so and with that comes a great deal of pressure as well. The reality is that these are probably the two best backcourts in the East and a high quality matchup at that.

Edge: Toss Up


Looking at this matchup from a numbers standpoint it’s pretty clear that the Raptors should be the favourites. I mean to be honest, it’s a 1 v. 8 matchup, you shouldn’t even have to look at the numbers to come to that conclusion. But for years the narrative of the Toronto Raptors playoff mishaps and let downs have been built up to the point that us Raptors fans can never shake the seed of doubt in the back of our minds…even as the team with the second best record in the NBA.

On the other hand, this season’s edition of the Raps second unit has the ability to spell the starters to a certain degree more than they have ever been able to in the past, so I feel that if Lowry is to struggle with his shot they will still be able to roll. And with that, these Raptors are the better TEAM and possess more depth and defense than the Wizards, which I think will eventually wear the opposition out. Wall and Beal certainly have the ability to win games if/when they take over, which I think they might for game or two, but I’m confident that the Raptors will come through and advance past the Wizards.

Prediction: Raptors in 6


Saturday April 14th @ 5:30pm in Toronto

Tuesday April 17th @ 7pm in Toronto

Friday April 20th @ 8pm in Washington

Sunday April 22nd @ 6pm in Washington

Wednesday April 25th TBD in Toronto

Friday April 27th TBD in Washington

Sunday April 29th TBD in Toronto


I know we shouldn’t really look ahead, but this isn’t an encouraging trend:

Bench Talk Episode 7: Cameron Krutwig

(1:05) March Madness
(12:32) March Madness Pool Update
(15:12) Toronto Raptors
(21:46) Dwight Howard
(25:14) NHL
(32:38) Sprocle Quiz: Top 5 playoff scoreers for each franchise
(55:07) THIS OR THAT
(55:35) Batting Cages v Driving Ranges
(1:01:50) Houston Rockets v Golden State Warriors
(1:10:55) Gatorade Flavours

Here’s a link to the Sporcle Quiz that we took:

See if you can beat 79%

Also here’s an update on the Bench Life Sports March Madness Bracket Challenge:

Here’s the weak ass tweet that Cameron felt validated his Glacier Freeze Gatorade stance:

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