The Shootaround Episode 37 – Trivia Round 8 Challenger Edition – The Fat Boy friends Take Flight

Another week without Blake and Zach, so Adam makes back-to-back appearances. This time he brings along Jeff to take on the Washington Generals in a round of Trivia.

Before we start trivia we talk about fantasy basketball and give a status report on the week 14 NFL parlay.

This week’s trivia topics included:
-Canadian geography
-Where athletes went to college
-Jersey numbers
-“Highest Paid Athletes In the World” 2020 according to Forbes

Here’s some of the all-time Trivia Stats after this week’s match:

Bench Talk

Blake (6-1)
Correct Answers: 59
Team Answers: 8
Points %: 0.42

Zach (6-1)
Correct Answers: 14
Team Answers: 8
Points %: 0.12

Ben (2-6)
Correct Answers: 41
Team Answers: 7
Points %: 0.25

Cameron (2-6)
Correct Answers: 22
Team Answers: 7
Points %: 0.15


Fat Boy Friends

Adam (0-1)
Correct Answers: 5
Team Answers: 1
Points %: 0.22

Jeff (0-1)
Correct Answers: 4
Team Answers: 1
Points %: 0.18

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