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Why doesn’t the Jack Adams award go to the best coach?

Is John Tortorella an overrated coach?

He’s certainly one of the most decorated. With a 2004 Stanley Cup ring and two Jack Adams award, it’s hard to ignore his accomplishments. But despite his claim as two time “NHL coach of the year”, has anyone ever thought of John Tortorella as the best coach in the NHL at any point of his career?

Jack Adams winners since the 2005 lockout

2005-06 Lindy Ruff, BUF — 110 points (5th in NHL) — Eliminated in Conference Finals
2006-07 Alain Vigneault, VAN — 105 points (8th in NHL) — Eliminated 2nd Round
2007-08 Bruce Boudreau, WSH — 94 points (12th in NHL) — Eliminated 1st Round
2008-09 Claude Julien, BOS — 116 points (2nd in NHL) — Eliminated 2nd Round
2009-10 Dave Tippett, PHX — 107 points (4th in NHL) — Eliminated 1st Round
2010-11 Dan Bylsma, PIT — 106 points (3rd in NHL) — Eliminated 1st Round
2011-12 Ken Hitchcock, STL — 109 points (2nd in NHL) — Eliminated 2nd Round
2012-13 Paul MacLean, OTT — 56 points* (12th in NHL) — Eliminated 2nd Round
2013-14 Patrick Roy, COL — 112 points (3rd in NHL) — Eliminated 1st Round
2014-15 Bob Hartley, CAL — 97 points (16th in NHL) — Eliminated 2nd Round
2015-16 Barry Trotz, WSH — 120 points (1st in NHL) — Eliminated 2nd Round
2016-17 John Tortorella — 108 points (4th in NHL) — Eliminated 1st Round

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Bench Talk 17/06/2017


“It’s like the bottom of the ninth and I’m never gonna win. This life hasn’t turned out, quite the way I want it to be.” — Chad Kroeger

Losing can be tough. Losing while riding the pine is downright insufferable. Reach into the styrofoam cooler, crack a cold one and let’s talk some sports.

In the News

Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather: Is this the greatest examples of cross-sport performances or are boxing and MMA too similar?

Cameron Burgess (CB): I’m just hoping this ends up being more entertaining than the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight. That fight was supposed to be the fight of the century, yet fans witnessed Mayweather run in circles, land a jab, and then back out and keep running. This tactic isn’t just a one-time thing for Mayweather, and I’m expecting much of the same when he faces off against McGregor. I’d love to see 49-0 become 49-1, but I don’t know how realistic that might be. McGregor has become the biggest star in the UFC, but boxing is a completely different sport. The UFC has a ground game, and obviously many different fighting styles, while boxing is just one style that fighters may specialize in. McGregor is a better all around fighter, I don’t doubt that at all, but Mayweather has been one of the best boxers throughout his whole career and has been training and improving his skills since he was a kid. My heart says McGregor, but my head says Mayweather. Read more

Rolling Rock (Unofficially) Presents: The 2017 Bench Life Stanley Cup Prediction Battle


The Bench Life team are taking the gloves off for a winner-take-all prediction battle to prove once and for all (at least for now) who is most in tune with playoff hockey. Winner of the challenge gets a case of ice cold Rolling Rock beer paid for by the losers. Whoever finishes dead last will get punished in some sort of humiliating way, so stay tuned for whatever that ends up being. I had envisioned some sort of tie Goldberg to the net situation but that could potentially be too harmful. This is a classic TBD situation.

Without further ado, here are the categories for the challenge with each of our various picks.

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Stanley Cup Finals Preview and Prediction

Another round of the NHL Playoffs has come to an end, and we’re left with only two teams. In the Western Conference, the underdog Nashville Predators have been the surprise of the playoffs this year, taking down Chicago, St. Louis and Anaheim on their path to the Finals. From the Eastern Conference, the Pittsburgh Penguins are looking to be the first back-to-back Stanley Cup Champions since the Red Wings repeated in 1997 & 1998. They beat out Columbus, Washington and Ottawa en route to their shot at the Cup. With Game 1 set for tonight, let’s take a look at the series and I’ll tell you why the Predators are going to stun the defending champs. Read more

NHL Conference Finals Preview and Predictions

On Wednesday night, the second round of the NHL playoffs came to an end in one of the most exciting ways possible: not one, but TWO Game 7’s.

First, the Penguins went into Washington and shutout the Capitals on their way to another series win for Crosby over Ovechkin. After coming back from a 3-1 series deficit to tie the series at 3, the Capitals looked to head back to the Verizon Center and complete the comeback. Honestly, I was really looking forward to all the “Pittsburgh blew a 3-1 lead” jokes. And for the sake of my bracket, I was hoping that Washington would move on. However, the Penguins decided they didn’t want to be added to the list of teams to have blown a massive lead in the last year or so. Washington struggled to generate offense, Ovechkin was quiet and Marc-Andre Fleury was playing like it’s 2009, making 29 saves. Pittsburgh advanced with a 2-0 win, and will look to get ready to take on the Senators.

The second game of the night featured the young, up and coming Oilers against the older and experienced Ducks. After putting up 7 goals in Game 6, Edmonton looked to be in control of the series heading into the final game. But it turns out they should’ve saved some of those goals, because they could’ve used them in Game 7. After scoring early in the game, the Oilers offense was held in check, being held to just 3 shots in the 2nd period and 8 shots in the 3rd. Andrew Coglianio tied the game in the 2nd, Nick Ritchie scored the game winner a few minutes into the final period, and the Ducks managed to hold on for the win and will move on to play the Predators. Read more

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