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Looking Back at Johnny Manziel’s CFL Career

After a not-so-successful stint with the Cleveland Browns to begin his NFL career, Johnny Football took his talents north of the border to play in the CFL. It was pretty clear that he didn’t see the CFL as his future career, but rather a stepping stone on his journey to get back to the NFL. One season later, and it looks like Comeback SZN might be over for Manziel.

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The Leftovers: Dodgeball’s Greatest Redemption Story

One of my favourite goofy sports movies growing up was Vince Vaughn and Ben Stiller’s Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story. A battle between David and Goliath, fast-paced dodgeball action and an old-man drinking his own urine because it’s sterile and he likes the taste. It had everything.

The recent Colin Kaepernik saga  has got me thinking about all of the other discarded free agents in pro sports today and wondering where in the world they could fit in. Then it dawned on me. Like Vince Vaughn, I could round up the boys to hopefully build one of the most dominant dodgeball teams the world has ever seen. I imagine hitting the road and touring America leaving dodgeball-welted victims in our wake. It’d be like the ’92 Dream Team through Spain except probably a lot grittier and way more underwhelming. Without further ado, here is the list of athletes that I’m targeting with my own personal pitch as owner, GM and captain of “The Leftovers: Dodgeball for the Drunk and Washed-Up”. Read more