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The Shootaround Episode 34 – Tiger vs. Sam Snead

We kick off today’s podcast with Ben’s long-awaited hot-take: Tiger Woods is the most overrated athlete ever. I then debates the idea of relocated teams using brands of their old cities (ie. Colorado “Nordiques” and the Carolina “Whalers”) We also cover some NBA free agency, basketball lay-up line songs, bash Cameron for missing another episode, Trevor Bauer, Vladdy’s weight loss,

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Bench Talk 06/03/2017

In The News  Josh Donaldson leads AL 3B in All Star Ballot despite only playing 15 games. Should fans be able to vote/should we care that fans are able to vote? Cameron Burgess (CB): Not at all. All Stars should be determined by their play and by stats, not a popularity contest. Sure, Donaldson has been one of the best

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