Bortles vs. Brady: The BOAT vs. The GOAT

The last time the Patriots ran into a Tom Coughlin-led team with a polarizing quarterback in the playoffs this happened:

Today’s AFC Championship Game has been branded the BOAT (Best Of All-Time) versus the GOAT (Greatest Of All-Time) as a true battle of the quarterbacks. Sure Tom Brady might be considered “the greatest QB of all-time”, but the way that man-child Blake Bortles has plugged his way to within one game of a Super Bowl appearance is truly a sight to behold.

In advance of this afternoon’s big game I’m going to break down various aspects of the Bortles vs. Brady match-up.

“When there’s so many haters and negative things, I really don’t care.” – Kim Kardashian

Ever since his first interception, former third overall pick Blake Bortles has had his fair share of haters. He’s been branded a “bust”, and “the worst quarterback in the league” but he just simply doesn’t care.

Bortles… Lebron… I’m having a hard time even telling the two apart at this point.

If we’re tallying the sheer amount of haters then you have to give the advantage to Bortles over Brady.

You’ve got to beat the best to be the best

Tom Brady lost to Jay Cutler and the Dolphins in Week 14. Bortles has never lost to Jay Cutler.

Edge: Bortles

Who’s hurt and who’s healthy?


Image result for blake bortles gif


Bortles Career Rushing Yards: 1410 in four seasons
Brady Career Rushing Yards: 968 in 16 seasons

Edge: Blakey frickin Football

“Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.” – Robert F. Kennedy

Edge: Bortles possibly by 100

“I’m not a guy that believes you’ve got to have a lot of experience to have success in the playoffs.” – Phil Simms

Bortles: 2-0 in the playoffs
Brady: 26-9 in the playoffs

Bortles: 1.000 playoff win %
Brady: 0.743 playoff win %

Edge: It’s a wash

Just a reminder that God is a Patriots fan:

All jokes aside this is definitely the Patriots game to lose. They’re at home. They have Gronk. Belichick continues to pull the strings. Tom Brady probably has some prosthetic robot hand hidden under those gloves. I’m just saying there is not a 0% chance that the elite Jaguars defense, Leonard Fournette and the BOAT find a way to win this game.

Anyways, enjoy the games today folks!


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