Bench Talk Episode 5: RJ Umberger Helper

The title of this weeks eppy comes from some out-of-the-blue RJ Umberger discussion during our new Sporcle quiz segment. Clearly the guys do not think as highly about the obvious and innate talents of the Umberger Helper as I do.

(1:40) NFL Offseason Talk
(23:08) Movie Talk from non-Academy accredited reviewers
(35:30) Sporcle Quiz: Top 50 NHL scorers from 99 to 09
(51:30)THIS or THAT
(52:05) October v March v April in the sports calendar
(58:18) 1 Oscar v 5 NBA Rings (Bonus Intramural Volleyball Talk at the 1:01:56 mark)
(1:03:05) Bowling v Mini Golf
(1:08:48) Bonus This or That: Pool v Ping Pong

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