Bench Talk Episode 8: Yodeling into April

In this episode we give our final thoughts on March Madness 2018, Opening Week in the MLB, the NHL Hart Trophy race as well as debate watching Curling vs. Golf on tv and hot dog condiments in ketchup vs. mustard.

Our Sporcle Quiz this week was: Opening Day starting pitchers for the 2018 Major League season

Here’s a link to that fire remix of the viral Walmart yodeling kid that we used in our intro:

This song is definitely an early candidate for “Song of the Summer”.

You may notice that this episode is the peak of our audio quality. I think what sets us apart is actually the character and charm added by the background noise of plumbing and Joey, James and Ethan playing Fortnite.

(1:24) March Madness Recap
(6:04) Jay Wright
(8:47) MLB Opening Week
(27:26) NHL Hart Trophy
(37:54) How far can Vegas go in the playoffs?
(41:39) Who do the Leafs want to see in the first round?
(52:01) Sporcle: 2018 MLB Opening Day Starting Pitchers
(1:00:49) This or That?
Golf vs. Curling on TV
(1:06:44) Hot Dog Condiments: Ketchup vs. Mustard

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