Football. That’s it. That’s the Headline

For anybody waiting for a blog during days two through four of my self-imposed quarantine, I’m checking in to let you know that: I’m still alive.

While the blog inactivity may be inexcusable, just as the CDC, this whole Carona Virus thing caught me flat-footed. But here I am, clocked back into the old blog factory ready to put in a shift. Just as I sat down to rack my brain for some content, I was hit with an endorphin rush courtesy of an Adam Schefter retweet.

While three of the major four pro sports leagues have closed shop, the NFL snuck up and kicked into offseason overdrive. The signings! The franchise tags! The trades! The sweet sweet relief of sports new beyond “which owners are/are not paying stadium janitors”!

And while I for sure am not the foremost authority on anything football, I’d be remiss to not take this opportunity to get some takes out of the holster while we still have live bullets.


As you pick through this list there’s a few names that jump off the page. Jerry Jones has made the first move to potentially neuter Dak Prescott’s contract negotiation. From here on out Dak will either have to sign on the dotted line or sit out games until he’s traded. This also means Amari Cooper can test free agency but my sources (Adam Schefter’s twitter) tell me “Dallas will be aggressive in trying to re-sign him.” Keep refreshing my Twitter as I give updates to Adam Schefter’s Twitter.

Also tagged was Derrick Henry, AKA Tractor Cito. This marks the latest round in the fight between a star running back versus the “math” that favours young cheap replacements. In previous bouts, Le’Veon Bell lost a year of his prime, Melvin Gordon caved on his sit-out and Zeke got PAID.

The last note is that Tampa used their tag on Shaq Barret meaning that Jameis Winston, “Mr. 30-30” himself, is being released into the free agent pool. An extra team in the quarterback market should add an extra layer of chaos, especially as it concerns one:

Tom Brady

After learning of the Tannehill news, my first reaction was “$62 mil garunteed to RYAN TANNEHILL? In this economy?” Gun to head, I just simply would not overpay for a non-elite quarterback but that’s just me.

While we’re on the subject of not overpaying non-elite quarterbacks, my second thought on Tannehill’s heist was “looks like the Titans are out of the Tom Brady business.” All indications point towards probably going back to the Patriots but there are still a few darkhorses left. If Tom could overlook the Buccaneers stigma, Tampa seems ready to back up the Brinks truck, give him decision making power and by my estimation they have at least three above average receiving options under contract which is at least three more than New England has. The Chargers and Raiders are also looking for a new face of the franchise as they move to a new stadium and will probably pay top dollar to make Tom their man.

Credit to Cameron for getting his social engagement numbers up. I personally have yet to juice that kind of clout on a tweet. But I’m here to break up this Patriots circle jerk session to point out that if a Brady-for-Jimmy G trade was on the table tomorrow Bill Belichick would accept it in a millisecond. The guy was forced to trade Jimmy G in the first place and is clearly still not over him.

In all likelihood TB12 is probably still going to be a Pat and I’m honestly fine with it. I would just prefer the chaos that would surround the “Wade Boggs to Tampa Bay” type signing if Brady were to don the Buccaneers silver and red next year.

Presented without Comment


The big SPLASH

If a mid-tier defensive end going from one AFC East team to another doesn’t get your motor running, then I don’t know how to help you.

Deandre Hopkins for David Johnson

Credit to Texans coach/GM Bill O’Brien for thinking outside of the box. The haters and losers will tear him down. Sure everyone has widely accepted to move on from expensive running backs. And sure most consider Hopkins a “generational wide receiver”.

But as Oscar Wild put it, “Ridicule is the tribute paid to the genius by the mediocrities.” If you were to measure genius by ridicule, then Bill O’Brien appears to have the NFL by the balls.



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