Sunday Shootaround Episode 8 – Mail Time

The boys open up the mailbag to answer some of the most burning questions that the fanbase had to offer. They tackle everything from best walk-up music, personal stories from their athletic careers and recount some of their best stories from Brock’s very own Adam Cooke. 

Shoutout to the following ride or die listeners who submitted questions this week:
Drew Wilson, Jon Murray, Matt Hewak, Jack Arnott, Adam Cooke and Phillip Waind.

For context in one of our stories, here’s the clip of St. Patties Day at Brock that went super viral (skip to 3:22). Heavily featured is Adam AKA Captain Charlie Conway.

And here’s the aforementioned entrepreneurship video starring Adam Cooke.

To everyone that’s been waiting patiently for it, we’re now on iTunes! Be sure to listen, like and subscribe!

Link to page:

Also shout out to Hewie69 for our first review. Couldn’t have said it better myself!

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