Sunday Shootaround Episode 15 – Trivia Round 3 + Zach’s Return

Zach makes a return after his week long hiatus to once again team up with Blake to take on the Mighty Ducks in another round of trivia. Currently down 2-0 in the series, the Ducks look to stave off what would be another crushing loss.

This week’s questions are Canadian themed. Categories include:

-Name the Athlete
-Canadian Inventions
-Canadian Sports Championships

Here’s a look at how the groups trivia stats look going into Round 3 (Last week’s music trivia is not included in the numbers):

Cameron (0-2)
Questions Answered: 6
Partial Questions*: 1

Ben (0-2)
Questions Answered: 11
Partial Questions: 1

Blake (2-0)
Questions Answered: 19
Partial Questions: 4

Zach (2-0)
Questions Answered: 5
Partial Questions: 4

Phone a Friend Matt
Questions Answered: 2
Answers Googled: 2

*Partial Questions mean that they partial credit with a teammate on an answer

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