Sunday Shootaround Episode 19 – Trivia Round 4 feat. the Washington Generals + Zach’s 7/11 Date

With sports back, the podcast opens up the show with some Leafs v Blue Jackets trash talk, and discuss the MLB as more games get postponed as well as the Raptors’ hot start. All the while Zach multi-tasks and records while on a date at 7/11.

In the second half of the show we have the latest iteration of our trivia battle. Undefeated Blake and Zach take on the newly minted “Washington Generals” after the Mighty Ducks owner disavowed Ben and Cameron from their trivia team.

This week’s categories include:
-US State capitals
-Conn Smythe Winners
-NBA Finals MVPs
-Brand Slogans
-Actor Filmographies

Tale of the Tape

Individual records going into round 4:

Blake (3-0)
Questions Answered: 28
Partial Answers: 5

Zach (3-0)
Questions Answered: 7
Partial Answers: 5

Ben (0-3)
Questions Answered: 16
Partial Answers: 3

Cameron (0-3)
Questions Answered: 10
Partial Answers: 3

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