Sunday Shootaround Episode 24 – Trivia Round 5: Redemption for The Washington Generals?

This week we go back to the trivia well for round 5 of The Washington Generals (formerly known as the Mighty Ducks) vs. Team Yurp (formerly known as (name redacted)). Down 4-0 in the best of (?) series, the Generals look to bounce back in a big way.

This weeks’ categories include:
-“Where they played in college”
-The Heisman
-World Currency
-Video Game Cover Athletes

Tale of the Tape

Individual records going into round 5:

Blake (4-0)
Questions Answered: 33
Partial Answers: 7

Zach (4-0)
Questions Answered: 9
Partial Answers: 7

Ben (0-4)
Questions Answered: 21
Partial Answers: 4

Cameron (0-4)
Questions Answered: 10
Partial Answers: 4

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