Sunday Shootaround Episode 28 – Trivia Round 6: Washington Generals v. Professional Hockey Talker Zach

This week’s episode kicks off with an update to the Bench Talk Playoff Bubble Draft Challenge that we issued months ago. We then talk about this week in football and then give a post-mortem on the 2020 Toronto Blue Jays.

In the second half of the episode we have Blake and Zach square off with Ben and Cameron for Round 6 of our trivia battle. This week’s categories were:
-MLB World Series
-Stanley Cup
-Primetime Emmy’s
-The introduction of the “Shootout Round”: Top 20 Grossing Movies of All-Time

Here’s an update on the stats going into this trivia matchup:

Blake (5-0)
Questions Answered: 44
Partial Answers: 7

Zach (5-0)
Questions Answered: 12
Partial Answers: 7

Ben (0-5)
Questions Answered: 27
Partial Answers: 4

Cameron (0-5)
Questions Answered: 11
Partial Answers: 4

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