The Shootaround Episode 31 – The “No Excuses” Trivia Round 7

We kick off this episode with a bit of Bills-Patriots trash-talk. Blake then gives his final thoughts on the World Series

Then we get down to the main event: Trivia Round 7. This week in order to negate any possible excuses, Cameron and Ben get to choose the categories:
-World Cup
-FBS School Nicknames
-Jersey Numbers
-AFC East Football
-NHL Goalies

Here’s an update on the stats going into this trivia matchup:

Blake (6-0)
Questions Answered: 52
Partial Answers: 8

Zach (6-0)
Questions Answered: 12
Partial Answers: 8

Ben (0-6)
Questions Answered: 28
Partial Answers: 6

Cameron (0-6)
Questions Answered: 14
Partial Answers: 6

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