The Shootaround Episode 38 – Leaving 2020 in the Rearview Mirror

In our last Shootaround podcast of 2020 there is a lot of reflection on the year that was. First off we get our weekly sports talk out of the way before we remember some of the wild moments that defined 2020. 

(1:42) College Football Talk
(8:19) NFL Round-Up – Bills, Patriots, Cowboys, Carson Wentz, Raiders, Fantasy Football
(33:16) Checking in on the Week 15 Parlay
(36:46) NHL’s latest updates
(41:04) Canada’s gonna be a wagon at the WJC
(43:18) of course we bail on the WJC talk to discuss Toronto’s bottom six winger rotation
(48:26) 2020 Year in Review
(1:10:00) Hopefully 2021 is better

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