The Jersey Blog Week 3

The blog continues to roll along. As long as people keep sending in jerseys, I’ll continue to grind away. If you want in, be sure to DM pictures of your favourite jersey to one of the Bench Life Social accounts every Wednesday night.

Jersey of the Week Submissions


Tom Brady Tampa Bay Buccaneers

I’ll get accusations of being biased for this ranking. I have never hid that I’m a Tom Brady hater but that’s not what’s going on here. I actually kind of like jerseys of athletes on a final destination team. Give me a Colorado Avalanche Ray Bourque or a Brett Favre Minnesota Vikings jersey. Anytime you see a Hakeem Olajuwon Toronto Raptors jersey in the wild it’s worth a double take.

I actually give this jersey points for the Tom Brady nameplate, but I just don’t really care for most Buccaneers jerseys. Their only look that I think is worth rocking is their old creamsicle throwbacks.

Image result for tampa bay buccaneers creamsiclejerseys


PFT Commenter Game-Worn Mountain Dew Basketball Jersey

The jersey that revived the Jersey Blog. The stipulations were that if Drew bought PFT’s basketball jersey from Big Cat’s charity Pile Auction (what a wild string of words), I would revive my Jersey Blog.

This jersey is literally a one of its kind which is definitely a conversation starter. Easily the grittiest submission we’ve had. I can’t fathom a jersey that can get its pad level lower. It also can’t be ignored that the shorts were included in the purchase.

While this jersey is one of a kind, the competition is stiff this week. I can’t imagine that I’ll see another podcaster’s jersey in these blogs, so this submission is kind of a Halley’s Comet. Right now Pardon My Take is the number one ranked sports podcast in North America, but I think it’s only a matter of time before The Shootaround gains some steam and rockets past them (definitely don’t be afraid to check out the pod (it’d be a real shame if you subscribed, rated and reviewed)).

The Podium

Bronze Medal Jersey

Ichiro Suzuki Seattle Mariners Batting Practice Jersey

Best Japanese player of all-time and one of the coolest/most memorable athletes of the 2000’s. It takes one special talent to stand out and dominate as a slap hitter in the heat of baseball’s steroid era. This is a very cool jersey.

Silver Medal Jersey

Dylan Larkin University of Michigan Wolverines

First college hockey jersey we’ve seen and it’s a nice one. I’m a sucker for most of the uniforms that Michigan trots out. If you’re going the hockey route, you may as well buy the jersey of the fastest skater in hockey. A quick Wikipedia search shows that the NHL is rich with Michigan men.

There are some real beauties on here. Quinn Hughes, Pacioretty, Turco and Werenski would look nice on a jersey.

Jersey of the Week

Mario Lemieux Pittsburgh Penguins

Can’t go wrong with Super Mario. One of the most electric players of all-time. For anyone that says that the top scorers from the 1980’s couldn’t hang in today’s game just take a look at Mario’s hockeyDB. At his height he had 199 points in 1988-89. Turn the clock over to 2002-03, he piled up 91 points in 67 games at age 37 in the heat of the Dead Puck era. It should also be noted that his 2002-03 was two season removed from a three year cancer-related absence. An absolute legend.

Jersey of the Week Standings

Adam follows up a Wayne Gretzky Kings jersey with a Stanley Cup era Mario Lemieux. I don’t know how you top that next week but I’m interested to see what the king of 90’s hockey jerseys has in store.

Jersey News Round-Up

Some more looks as NHL teams roll out their Reverse Retros for some on ice action. Really like Pittsburgh’s look, was kind of surprised by how much I liked Minnesota, reaffirmed how much I liked Toronto’s and I’m kind of underwhelmed by Edmonton’s. Take away the orange pants and it looks like most of their other jerseys.

One of the first looks at Laine in a Blue Jackets jersey. Try not to look too closely at his brown teeth.

I’ll pretend I didn’t see this tweet.

I miss this era of shiny polyester NBA jerseys.

Still can’t believe the Rockies tossed in $50 million to trade away their best player.

Tampa Bay’s fan must be pretty pumped that he (or she) doesn’t have to get gouged by Fanatics for another Archer jersey.

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