The Shootaround Episode 45 – Who’s the Face of the NHL? Tom Almost Yells About the Blue Jays + Hypotheticals

Link to Apple Podcasts:

2:10 Blake give’s his thoughts on last week’s “Video Game Fantasy Draft”
14:00 We debate “Who’s the face of the NHL?” which leads into a discussion on, “who are the most marketable athletes on the planet?”
39:30 Blue Jays talk leaves me almost yelling at Blake
59:30 Hypotheticals such as:

“Would you rather have every song you listen to turn into “All Star” by Smash Mouth halfway through the song, or ever movie you watch turn into Shrek at the halfway point of the movie?”

“Would you rather live in constant daylight or constant night time?”

“You are given $10 million but can only buy things that begin with the same first letter as your name. What do you buy?”

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