The Jersey Blog Week 17

Week 17, the Josh Allen of blogs. AKA elite and still getting better. If you want in on the blog, be sure to DM pictures of your favourite jersey to one of the Bench Life Social accounts every Wednesday night.

Jersey of the Week Submissions

Fifth Place
Amir Johnson Toronto Raptors

One of the modern fan-favourites during this latest “We the North” run. The fact that this season the Raptors are missing the playoffs for the first time since 2013 makes this jersey hit a bit different. One of the few carry-overs from the Colangelo era to Ujiri, Amir was a true glue guy for a team transitioning from perennial sad-sacks to the eventual NBA champs.

Even though this jersey belongs to my brother, I wore this puppy for the entirety of Toronto’s 2019 title run. What started out as me borrowing Phil’s jersey to watch Game Two of the playoffs at a sportsbar (after the Raps lost Game One to Orlando), turned into me superstitiously wearing it for every game. The Raptors rattled off four straight wins to beat Orlando when I wore the jersey. Kawhi Leonard sunk “The Shot” when I wore this jersey.

The Raptors came back from a 2-0 series deficit in the Eastern Conference Finals to beat the first seeded Milwaukee Bucks when I wore this jersey. Me and my brother attracted pretty much every TV camera in Jurassic Park during Game One of the Finals when I wore this jersey.

The Raptors won a damn Championship when I wore this jersey. Out of principle this early 2010’s Amir Johnson jersey ranks in at five this week. But in terms of sentimentality and nostalgia it’s a first ballot hall of famer.

Fourth Place
Rick Nash Columbus Blue Jackets

If you were to get a Columbus jersey from their early era, you can make the case that Nash is the only guy remotely worth getting. During his time in Columbus Nasher was legitimately one of the be goal-scorerers in the entire NHL. He was the 2003-04 Rocket Richard co-winner, made four all-star games as a Blue Jacket and is the franchise’s all-time goal leader. Columbus has had some guys since the Nash era ended. But guys like Bobrovsky, Foligno, Atkinson, Seth Jones, Panarin and Werenski pale in comparison to the guy that absolutely carried the franchise through some truly grim years.

Number one overall pick Rick Nash selected by the Columbus Blue... News  Photo - Getty Images

The Podium

Bronze Medal Jersey
Bruce Smith Buffalo Bills

Bruce Smith is a Buffalo Bills franchise pantheon guy. Arguably the best defensive player in franchise history. As a Bills guy you can’t go wrong with a Bruce Smith jersey. Hall of Famer, NFL’s all-time sack leader with 200, two-time NFL defensive player of the year and the backbone of a Bills defense that played in (and lost) four straight Super Bowls from 1990-93. The guy is an absolute legend. You can’t go wrong with Bruce Smith.

Silver Medal
Kyrie Irving Brooklyn Nets “City” Jersey

I’m not a big Kyrie guy, but you can’t deny this jersey. Even though he is a pretty polarizing for his off-court flighty-ness, there’s no denying that he has the greatest handle in NBA history. The guy has hands in a phone booth and has a long list of ankles that he’s broken. Also this Biggie Smalls inspired Brooklyn Nets jersey is one of their coolest looks and my personal favourite.

Jersey of the Week
Patrick Roy 1994 Eastern Conference All Star

All-Star jerseys always play in this blog and when you toss one my way for arguably the best goalie of all-time… it’ll be tough to beat. As great as Patrick Roy was, he was also probably one of the most unhinged goalies in NHL history. The guy was a hot head but, if you point it out, he likely wouldn’t hear you.

1994-95 Upper Deck All Star Patrick Roy #MCD-04 on Kronozio

Jersey of the Week Standings

Phil continues to climb towards cracking the top five. Other than that, it’s the status quo.

Jersey News Round-Up

I kind of like this jersey. But my heat’s still set on scooping up a Gardner Minshew III jersey.

These are unbelievable. We may need to petition for the Blackhawks to make this a permanent alternate jersey.

Shoutout to the Gurriels.

Shoutout to Canada basketball.

Shoutout Paul Statsny.

Does Miami dislike money? Because I don’t understand this decision at all.

Tommy Doyle is built different. I’m ready to circle the wagons.

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