The Jersey Blog Week 18

Week 18 of the Jersey Blog. The Peyton Manning deep threat to Phil Jackson’s triangle offense. If you want in on the blog, be sure to DM pictures of your favourite jersey to one of the Bench Life Social accounts every Wednesday night.

Jersey of the Week Submissions

Fifth Place
JJ Watt Houston Texans

I’ve never been the biggest fan of Houston’s jerseys and they haven’t had a tonne of success since their inaugural 2002 season. So if you were to pop on a Texans jersey, you’d pretty much have to go with one of the faces of the 2010’s NFL and one of the best defensive players of the last two decades in JJ Watt.

I’ve always thought that JJ Watt’s persona was pretty corny and contrived. The guy was a giant cornball who seemed to try too hard to appease the Bleacher Reports and ESPNs of the world. But he became a million times more likeable when he pretty much owned up to it when he was on Pardon My Take.

Fourth Place
Sidney Crosby Mid-2000’s Pittsburgh Penguins

I’ve always been a Crosby over Ovie guy whenever the debate sparks up every few years. On my laziest level of analysis, I’ll always defer to the Canadian hero over the Russian superstar. But when you’re actually diving into the numbers, while Ovie has a claim for best goal-scorer ever, Crosby’s overall impact as an elite playmaker, goal-scorer, face-off man and two-way game gives him the edge in my eyes. The guy can dominate every aspect of the game and has been the straw that stirs the drink on three different Stanley Cup teams. Ovie’s incredible but I’ll go down as Crosby-defender.

Crosby set to pass Lemieux, add to memorable moments with Penguins

But, to be honest, I think this era of Pittsburgh Penguins jersey is the ugliest in the franchise’s history. But I’m also not a huge fan of the Houston Texans’ jerseys so this ranking was as simple as Crosby > JJ.

The Podium

Bronze Medal Jersey
Boone Jenner Oshawa Generals

I’m a sucker for any sort of pro player’s college/minor league/junior team’s jersey. Boone Jenner has been a fine second or third line player for the Columbus Blue Jackets. But few remember that the guy had 45 goals and 82 points in 56 games for the Oshawa Generals in 2012-13.

I love the look of the Oshawa Generals jerseys and I can’t imagine that there’s many Boone Jenner jerseys floating around. This jersey is a true one-of-one.

Boone Jenner settling back into familiar surroundings |

Silver Medal
Alex Mogilny Vancouver Canucks

Mogilny has the distinction as the first Russian hockey player to defect from the Soviet Union and enter the NHL draft. The 89th overall pick in 1989 also wore number 89. Mogilny had some major pressure as the first exposure to Russian hockey that many NHL fans would get. But “Alexander the Great” didn’t miss a beat, making six all-star teams, topping the 100 point bench mark twice, and tying Teemu Selanne for the Rocket Richard Trophy in that famous 76 goal 1992-93 season.

As I said back in Week 6 of the Jersey Blog, the Canucks Skate logo is the franchise’s cleanest look. This is just a nice jersey featuring the player that blazed the trail for the numerous Russian snipers that have since hit the NHL.

Jersey of the Week
Vladimir Guerrero Montreal Expos

Vlad Sr. was one of the coolest baseball players when I was younger. He was this awkward, lanky guy with a canon for an arm from the outfield with one of the most violent swings in baseball. Right now the name Vlad Jr. is hot in the streets as a 22 year old phenom with an advanced plate approach and one of the sweetest swings in baseball. By comparison, his dad Vlad Sr. mechanics were unrefined and frankly kind of wild. Rocking the no-batting gloves look with a big loopy swing, Sr. was always a home run threat regardless of where the pitch was. In the zone, at his eyes or even in the dirt Vladdy was swinging for the fences.

And who can argue with the results? 449 career dingers, a lifetime .318/.378/.553 triple slash line, eight silver sluggers and a 2004 AL MVP award powered Vlad the Impaler to a Hall of Fame induction in 2018. And if you’re going to rock a Vladdy jersey you can’t go wrong with the Montreal Expos. The defunct franchise had sweet jerseys that still stand the test of time.

Vladimir Guerrero on Twitter: "My son! The country that saw you as a child  will now see you turn into a big one. Working hard everything can be done.  I'm proud of

Jersey of the Week Standings

While the top of the leader board didn’t change. The rest of the ladder has seen a bit of a shake-up.

Jersey News Round-Up

These Marlins jerseys are unbelievable. I just have to figure out which player I want on the back. Jazz Chisholm is kind of cool. Jesus Aguilar hits daddy hacks. I can’t make heads or tails of any of their pitchers. Maybe I just go with Starling Marte?

Here’s a bunch of new “football kits” that were announced this week… if that’s you’re type of thing.

Shoutout Super Fan getting his jersey in the Hall of Fame.

Shoutout Toronto’s own Oshae Brissett.

You be the judge: is that Messier jersey too small?

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