The Shootaround Episode 58 – Toronto Maple Leafs Are Cursed

No Adam in today’s podcast so we roll out the four man unit

(1:20) Tom and Blake recap a soul-crushing Game 6 Maple Leafs loss
(20:05) Ben gives a state of the union on the soon-to-be Seth Jones-less Columbus Blue Jackets
(27:40) An update on our 2021 NHL Playoff Challenge
(36:00) Some Toronto Blue Jays talk
(43:55) We give our thoughts on a PFF tweet asking: “Who would you want as your QB for the next 4 seasons (between Russ and Dak)
(49:55) We go through how many quarterbacks in the NFL you would take over Russell Wilson over the next four years
(1:09:20) Hypothetical: If you had to compete in an Olympic sport, which one would you do the best in?

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