2017 NHL Prediction Battle

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For this 2016-17 NHL season my brother Phillip and I made a list of predictions of potential outcomes that we feel strongly about. We plan to assign points for each correct guess and the winner will get… something. We were initially going to say that the loser will buy the winner a brand new Leafs jersey, but then we realized that we are both broke. If you have any suggestions for a reward/punishment for winning/losing this challenge comment below. Some of these predictions are, dare I say, insightful. Others, I’m not going to sugar coat it, are idiotic. My picks will be marked by TW and my brother’s as PW. If anyone cares about this stuff comment below with any opinions on our picks or even comment your own picks.

Standing Predictions

(5 points for each correct guess)

Atlantic Division
TW: Tampa Bay Lightning
PW: Tampa Bay Lightning
This is an exciting start!

Metropolitan Division
TW: Washington Capitals
PW: Philadelphia Flyers
Whoomp there it is. I guess the Flyers have some scoring touch, a young blue line with a high ceiling and Steve Mason. Giddy up.

Central Division
TW: Nashville Predators
PW: Dallas Stars
Preds are a trendy pick. Stars were last year’s trendy pick. You’ll be hard pressed to find a good goalie on either team.

Pacific Division
TW: San Jose Sharks
PW: San Jose Sharks
Screen peaking at its finest.

Eastern Conference Finals
(5 points for each correct team)
TW: Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Tampa Bay Lightning
PW: Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Tampa Bay Lightning
For the record I had my answers first.

Western Conference Finals
(5 points for each correct team)
TW: Dallas Stars vs. San Jose Sharks
PW: Nashville Predators vs. LA Kings
This is 2016. Diversity is good.

Stanley Cup
(5 points for each correct team, extra 5 for picking correct winner)
TW: Tampa Bay Lightning over Dallas Stars
PW: Nashville Predators over Tampa Bay Lightning
Both scenarios would be ratings suicide for the NHL. Only a Coyotes appearance would get Bettman more frisky.

Scoring Leaders Predictions

(Points for finishing top 5 in league: 1 point for fifth, 2 points for fourth, 3 points for third, 4 points for second, 10 points for guessing the correct leader)

TW: Alex Ovechkin
PW: Steven Stamkos
I think I’ve got this

TW: Connor McDavid
PW: Evgeny Kuznetsov
I like Phillip’s pick better…

TW: Jamie Benn
PW: Patrick Kane
Just a couple of Art Ross retreads. Since the lockout 9 different players have won the Art Ross in 11 seasons so chances are we are both wrong.

TW: PK Subban
PW: Erik Karlsson
I think Subban is going to stick it to Montreal and just get all of the points. From 1 to Russell Westbrook he’s going to dial it up to 9.5 (Westrbook is over 9000 in a 1 to 10 scale). That being said Karlsson is probably still going to lead defensemen in scoring.

TW: Dylan Strome
PW: Patrick Laine
As Leaf fans, we are a couple of cowards. I for one didn’t want to jinx Matthews. You’re welcome.

Award Predictions

(2 points if the player is nominated, 5 for picking correct winner)

Hart Trophy
TW: Connor McDavid
PW: Sidney Crosby
Battle of the “Old Face of the NHL” and the “New Face of the NHL”. And the actual Auston Matthews!

TW: Carey Price
PW: Carey Price
Pretty much a lock with the caveat “if he’s healthy.”

TW: PK Subban
PW: Brent Burns
I didn’t even realize I liked Subban until I made these picks. 

TW: Anze Kopitar
PW: Patrice Bergeron
I’d be shocked if it wasn’t either one of these guys or Toews.

TW: Connor Hellebuyck
PW: Patrick Laine
I know it’s way too soon… but damn Matthews! I swear we made these picks before the season started!

Year End All-Star Teams
(5 points for first team all-star, 2 for second and 1 for third)
TW: LW Ovechkin, C McDavid, RW Kane, D Subban,  D Karlsson, G Price
PW: LW Gaudreau, C Crosby, RW Kane, D Subban, D Burns, G Price
Other than Gaudreau (just watch him prove me wrong) I feel like the First Team All-Star is a toss up between all of these guys. 

Year End All-Rookie Team
(5 points for each correct pick)
TW: LW Laine, C Strome, RW Aho, D Zaitsev, D Werenski, G Connor Hellebuyck
PW: LW Laine, C Matthews, RW Marner, D, Proverov, D Werencki, G Matt Murray
I swear I’m a Leafs fan!


(Five points for each)

Greatest Jump in Points from 2015-16 to 16-17
(minimum 70 gp last year)
TW: Nathan MacKinnon
PW: Sam Bennett
I can’t complain with either pick.

Greatest Drop in Points from 2015-16 to 16-17
(minimum 70 gp last year)
TW: Artemi Panarin
PW: Joe Thornton

First Coach Fired
TW: Randy Carlyle
PW: Michel Therrien
Hopefully Carlyle doesn’t let me down once again by not letting Anaheim down. If Montreal struggles without a Price injury to blame Therrien should be as good as gone.

Will Trouba get traded by the end of the season?
TW: No
PW: Yes
I have no idea.

Will Joffrey Lupul play one NHL game?
TW: No
PW: Yes
I say he never makes it off of Robidas’ island of buried contracts. Poor Joff

Surprise Playoff Team (That didn’t make it last year)
TW: Montreal Canadiens
PW: New Jersey Devils
I like Phill’s pick better.

Team that Slides out of Playoffs
TW: New York Islanders
PW: Detroit Red Wings
Again, I don’t like my pick.



  • I think that the none winner should dress up in town cryer gear and stand at the corner of Mill and Metcalfe proclaiming the the winners Victory.


  • I believe you should have an option to give additional minus points for such egregious wrong guesses.
    Also I think a Youtube campaign for the winner could be a nice touch. Based off early answers, I would have to choose PW as a long shot.


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