PHPA Feature: Alex Wideman

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Before interviewing Alex Wideman (younger brother of Senator’s defenseman Chris Wideman), I have to say that my familiarity with the ECHL was pretty minimal. After hearing Alex’s story, I have a much deeper appreciation for the league. Alex’s story of overcoming the obstacles that come with his small stature is pretty interesting. It especially hits home coming to a guy like me who was always the shortest guy in gym class. Alex Wideman is definitely a name to keep tabs on in the upcoming years.

Excerpt from PHPA Article

“Often an overlooked player, Wideman was honored to be recognized among the ECHL’s best players. “It was really cool. It was my first ever nomination for something like this. I had a blast and all of the guys on the team were great. Some I’ve played against, some I haven’t. It’s fun to meet some of the guys from around the league.”

His selection to play in the All Star Game is great validation for the hard work Wideman has put in at this point in his career. Listed as 5’7”, Wideman has always had to battle to stand out. In his major junior draft year, the St. Louis-born Wideman found himself overlooked when he wasn’t selected. “When it was my turn to get drafted—the St. Louis guys usually get drafted into the OHL—I wasn’t even 100 pounds at that age, so I never had a chance to play major junior.””

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Rapid Fire Questions with Alex Wideman

1. Favourite team growing up
“St. Louis Blues”

2. Favourite athletes from any sport
“Definitely Tiger Woods. My favourite Blue player growing up was Chris Pronger. I was also a big fan of Lebron James and Kobe Bryant.”

3. Street hockey or pond hockey?
“I wish I could’ve played pond hockey. It never got cold enough so we’re always stuck playing in the street. If I had a choice I would’ve loved to play pond hockey.”

4. What’s your go-to pump up song
“Forever by Lil Wayne”

5. Go-to offseason cheat-day meal
“I like Krispy Kreme donuts, so if I can find them at the store or gas station I’ll go in and grab some.”

6. Favourite road city?
“This year it has to be Allen, Texas. It’s not too far from Dallas.”

7. Favourite show to binge-watch?
“Friday Night Lights”

8. Toughest player you’ve fought?
“I’ve only ever been in one fight and it was in juniors. I couldn’t tell you who it was. But other than that, the toughest player that I’ve ever lined up against in a faceoff was Cam Janssen. When I had my first American League stint, we played against Albany which is where he was playing at that point.”

9. What’s your go-to penalty shot/shootout move?
“Hopefully not a lot of goalies read this. I’m more of a shooter than a deker and I like to go low blocker.”

10. What’s your favourite all star skills event?
“I’d say puck relay. Going around cones and handling the puck is my strong suit.”

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