Jersday Blog March 29, 2019

Back to back weeks I’ve posted this blog a day late. Sometimes life gets in the way even when jerseys are at stake. Last week I got caught up in March Madness. This week I had the flu.

The Round-Up

Roy Halladay Powder Blue Throwback Blue Jays Jersey

This puppy came in from China just in time for Opening Day. The Toronto Blue Jays Opening Day starter has been a real revolving door since they traded Halladay to the Phillies in 2010.

Screen Shot 2019-03-29 at 6.01.25 PM.png

What a wrecking crew. The fact that Doc pitched seven consecutive Opening Days is a testament to his longevity and dominance. He was truly the GOAT of Blue Jays pitchers.

Rob Gronkowski New England Patriots Jersey

Check out Cam’s latest blog on Gronk’s retirement.  Definitely a top 5 tight end of all-time and has a strong case as the best.

Chris Bosh Toronto Raptos Jersey

I’m still on the record as saying the Raptor’s shouldn’t retire Bosh’s jersey, but even I can admit that the other night’s ceremony in Miami was pretty cool.

I don’t know. Here’s a quote from his time on the Bill Simmons Podcast:

“I remember John Salmons was a free agent and it was between us and Chicago. So I’m like, ‘Yeah, OK. Oh man, if we can get Johnny Salmons we’ll be pretty good,’” Bosh told Simmons. “And I guess you would call it recruiting, trying to get in touch with him and stuff, and he took less money to go to Chicago. And that’s kind of when I knew it was going to be a lot more difficult being in Toronto. So as soon as I could change my destiny and have an opportunity to explore other things, I was ready to do that.”

Damn. This is why I’m not a huge Bosh guy. I’d take Derozan over him him any day. It’s also crazy how much clout JOHN SALMONS apparently had.

Ryan Parent Guelph Storm Jersey

Throwback to the glory days. The Ryan Parent Storm-era was two “go-for-it” cycles ago (Kerby Rychel in 2014 and this year’s Durzi-Suzuki moves). People forget that the former 18th overall pick was traded for Peter Forsberg in 2007 and Dan Hamhuis in 2010.

When Parent roamed wore the Storm burgundy, the team was underwhelming despite some legitimate NHL talent. Drew Doughty, Ryan Callahan, Matt D’Agostini, Dan Girardi, Tom McCollum. Now these are the guys I grew up watching.

Jersey of the Week

Pavel Datsyuk 2015-16 Stadium Series Detroit Red Wings Jersey

I’m a big fan of this look. It’s the type of jersey I wouldn’t like as much as an every game look, but I like it when team’s go off the wall with special event jerseys. The white sleeves to white gloves may gross some people out but it makes Datsyuk’s hands somehow look even faster. Honestly check out these handsome fellas:

Image result for pavel datsyuk 2015-16 winter classic

Pour one out for the end of an era. We’ll see what happens when Steve Yzerman totally does not take over the team this summer. Seriously Stevie Y may have left a team he built from scratch just as they’re about to win a Cup, but that totally doesn’t mean the Red Wings are interested in bringing him on board.

Jersey of the Week Scoreboard:

1. @Acooksy19: 6
T2. @beamerr9: 2
T2. @wilsondrew17: 2
T3. @jefftrahan13: 1
T3. @phillydip4: 1
T3. @MondoHarrison: 1

With old Cooksy sleeping at the wheel, Ray gets on the board for jersey of the week.

The Weekly Jersey News Dump


Not a fan of soccer, but these would look great on the pitch/diamond.

FACT. I need this jersey.


Wait till Vladdy’s up and knocking some dingers… Pencil him in for #6 on this list.






One comment

  • Cameron Burgess

    I would’ve accepted Top 3 because Tony Gonzalez was also pretty good, but calling Gronk “Top 5” is just insulting.


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