Sunday Shootaround Ep 3 – Matt Stairs Rips One Into the Night

One of our segments this week sparked around this tweet:

What seemed like a harmless topic devolved into controversy and more Matt Stairs talk than you would probably expect. Here’s a rundown of each of our picks:

-Wayne Gretzky
-Steve Nash
-Mike Weir
-Eric Gagne
-Matt Stairs

Before you question Zach’s Matt Stairs selection, feast your eyes on this clip:


Matt Stairs is probably the most clutch one of the most clutch hitters ever in the 2008 NLCS. Top tier performance for sure.

-Wayne Gretzky
-Steve Nash
-Hayley Wickenheiser
-Christine Sinclair
-Lionel Conacher

-Wayne Gretzky
-Bobby Orr
-George St. Pierre
-Christine Sinclair
-Daniel Nestor

-Wayne Gretzky
-Christine Sinclair
-Nancy Greene
-Gary Gait
-Rick Nash

-Wayne Gretzky
-Steve Nash
-Donavan Bailey
-Hayley Wickenheiser
-Cindy Klassen

My apologies for posting this podcast a day later than scheduled. Easter Sunday had to push the recording back a day. The beat goes on.

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