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Sunday Shootaround Ep 3 – Matt Stairs Rips One Into the Night

One of our segments this week sparked around this tweet: What seemed like a harmless topic devolved into controversy and more Matt Stairs talk than you would probably expect. Here’s a rundown of each of our picks: Zach-Wayne Gretzky-Steve Nash-Mike Weir-Eric Gagne-Matt Stairs Before you question Zach’s Matt Stairs selection, feast your eyes on this clip: Goosebumps Matt Stairs is

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Bench Talk Radio – Sunday Shoot Around Ep 2

Unfortunately my recording software didn’t pick up Zach’s screen, otherwise we would’ve had an all-time video where his dad came into his room and cleaned his doorknob mid-podcast. Still waiting to get the podcast reviewed by iTunes, in the meantime check out the link below to get an update on all of the platforms currently housing the pod: https://anchor.fm/thomas-waind

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