Sunday Shootaround Episode 9 – The Adam Cooke Mailbag Spectacular

This week the crew tackles some of the leftover questions that Adam posed for last week’s Mailbag Episode. This leads to a heated debate over food, the best playoffs in sports and Cameron’s logic in general. 

Next week will be the long awaited trivia rematch of Blake and Zach vs. The Mighty Ducks. Blake and Zach currently have the 1-0 series lead after a decisive 16-9 win and not getting a single answer wrong. Here’s some of the statistics:

Blake: 10 right answers (1 team answer)
Ben: 6 right answers (1 team answer)
Zach: 4 right answers (1 team answer)
Cameron: 3 right answers (1 team answer)

To catch up be sure to go back and check out the episode:

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