The Shootaround Episode 41 – Pack Your Bags Pierre-Luc Dubois + the Bills Have Stopped Circling the Wagons

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A jam-packed episode full of news and events that are very relevant to the members of this podcast. No Blake or Zach so 6th man of the year, Adam, is once again on the airwaves.

(1:34) Ben addresses Pierre-Luc Dubois
(21:37) I remain optimistic about the Toronto Maple Leafs + other hockey news
(32:45) George Springer is a Toronto Blue Jay
(49:00) Bucs v. Packers pre-game thoughts
(54:43) Buffalo Bills pre-game thoughts
(1:06:40) Bills post-game thoughts (AKA I faces the music (AKA I lash out at Cameron))

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