The Jersey Blog Week 21

21 blogs in, The Jersey Blog is starting to get as consistent Timmy Duncan. If you want in, be sure to DM pictures of your favourite jersey to one of the Bench Life Social accounts every Wednesday night.

Jersey of the Week Submissions

Fifth Place
Mo Wagner Michigan Wolverines

Mo Wagner was just a fun college player. The lanky German ripped out Sister Jean’s heart on his way to dragging the Michigan Wolverines to the 2018 March Madness Final. Three seasons into his NBA career he’s been a bit of a suit case considering he’s already on his fourth team. I still hold some stock on Wagner island in the hope that he can stick somewhere and be a decent rotation for a good team but it doesn’t seem likely.

Fourth Place
Autographed Ryan Parent Guelph Storm

The Mo Wagner jersey deserved to be a little higher than it was, but this was a conundrum because: a) my dumb autograph rule and b) as a former Storm Tracker, Ryan Parent was an all-time favourite of mine. This jersey is a lot to look at so I’ll let Drew explain what exactly is going on here:

Please excuse the hot chocolate stains young drew used to get wild at Guelph storm games

Also this thing has been signed by like every storm player from like 2005-10

Instagram DM from @ddrewwilson

People forget that Parent was the centre piece the Flyers received from the Predators in the big Peter Forsberg trade of 2007. Parent was a part of a slew of big, slow shutdown defensemen taken in the first round post-lockout before teams got wise that the Luke Schenn’s of the world just weren’t top pairing defensemen anymore.

Also here’s a stab at naming some guys who could have autographs on this jersey:
-Ryan Callahan
-Dan Girardi
-Tyler Doig
-Matt D’Agostini
-Rafael Rotter (Oh captain my captain)
-Drew Doughty
-Tim Priamo
-Brandon Buck
-Tom McCollum
-Jamie Arniel
-Luke Pither
-Peter Holland
-Taylor Beck
-Ben Chiarot
-Matt Kennedy
-Michael Latta
-Brandon Foote

The Podium

Bronze Medal Jersey
Jack O’Callahan USA

We’ve already had a Jack O’Callahan jersey when Adam submitted one back in Week 4 of the Jersey Blog. I liked Adam’s white version of the jersey a bit better than this one. But at the end of the day a Jack OC jersey is a Jack OC jersey. It’ll always play and it will always pop.

In terms of hockey movies, Miracle is the pinnacle. Here’s my quick top five:

  1. Miracle
  2. Mighty Ducks
  3. Slapshot
  4. The Rocket
  5. Goon

Silver Medal Jersey
Cal Ripken Jr. Baltimore Orioles

A top five short stop of all-time. The 2,131 consecutive game iron man streak. Two MVPs, 19 all-star games, two gold gloves and eight silver sluggers.

All of the different positions and their nuances make it tough to crown a baseball GOAT. But in terms of shortstops you can definitely argue Cal is up there. Honus Wagner and Ernie Banks both played in different eras where you can’t really compare to the modern game at all. While statistically better, A Rod spent half of his career as a third baseman. And Derek Jeter… Well Ripken is just flat out better than Jeter in my opinion.

On top of that, the Baltimore Orioles just have sweet jerseys. Nothing too flashy, just clean.

Jersey of the Week

Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls

While I have your attention, here are my three main bullet points for my MJ>Lebron stance:
– 6-0 in the Finals versus 4-6 (some may argue that there’s an asterisk on Lebron’s fourth “bubble” title but I won’t (credit to me for being the bigger man)).
-MJ’s numbers are still eye popping despite missing three years playing at North Carolina. One-and-dones and highschool draft picks weren’t really a thing so Lebron essentially got a three year head start. MJ also lost a few years in the middle of his career because of his baseball sabbatical. So in terms of comparing the two in terms of statistical totals of course Lebron comes out on top
-Wearing number 23, rebooting Space Jam, the ring chasing, constantly comparing himself to MJ. Lebron hasn’t been forced into MJs shadow, he chose to live there. Being the GOAT of any sport isn’t just a raw statistical analysis. There’s a qualitative element to the debate. Almost an aura or a swagger. You know the GOAT when you see him.

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Jersey of the Week Standings

While a Jordan jersey isn’t unique enough to win any other week we’ve done this, it’s just in a flat-out better condition than than that Ripken Jr. jersey.

Jersey News Round-Up

I kind of like these jerseys. Might have to pop on a Rizzo or Baez. The hats are just flat out awesome.

It seems criminal that the second-best player of all-time’s jersey number is irrelevant. No matter how hard he tries to make #6 happen, he’ll always be remembered as the second best #23 ever.

Titans jerseys kind of suck but Julio is a cool enough player that it might still be worth a buy.

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