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Jersday Blog March 14, 2019

The Round-Up John Tavares Toronto Maple Leafs St. Pats 😍😍 pic.twitter.com/2VS7M7NmQa — burg (@adamburgess__) March 14, 2019 Any other week this would’ve won Jersey of the Week. This is by far the strongest field of submissions that I’ve had so  unfortunately it falls into the category of the “also ran”. If I was a complete Leafs homer I would’ve named

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Bench Talk Episode 6: Brackets, Shamrocks and Broken Doors

  (0:38) March Madness (19:00) NFL Offseason (33:38) St. Patrick’s Day (Barstool story at 39:50) (45:18) Sporcle Challenge: Naming MLB players who hit 35+ home runs and 120+ RBIs since 2000 (54:56) This or That: Guinness v Jameson v Bailey’s St. Patrick’s Day v Halloween v Homecoming It’s almost the one year anniversary of this video. https://www.instagram.com/p/BR0paDmjeW4/?saved-by=lilwaind It was surreal

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