Bench Life Sports Presents: Bench Talk Podcasts


We’re getting into the Super Bowl season with a little gametime snack talk. We’ve done a similar blog post in the past, but we feel this inaugural podcast will help you guys get the ball rolling on your Super Bowl food spreads.

As explained in the podcast, we picked from seven categories (Hot Food, Chip, Vessel and Dip (didn’t know what to really call this category), Candy, Beer, (Soda) Pop, and a Flex Spot). Below is just a summary from our draft but quite honestly it’s nothing without the context and chirping given from our commentary.

Ray’s Roster
Hot food: Chicken wings (1st Pick) 
Chip: Party Mix (16th Pick)
Vessel and Dip: Pita chips and spin dip (9th Pick)
Candy: Swedish Berries (25th Pick)
Beer: Busch (24th Pick)
Pop: Coca Cola (17th Pick)
Flex: Nachos (8th Pick)

Brendan’s Band
Hot food: Mozza Sticks (13th Pick)
Chip: Fritos (20th Pick)
Vessel and Dip: Onion Rings & Buffalo Ranch (12th Pick)
Candy: Skittles (4th Pick)
Beer: Rolling Rock (5th Pick)
Pop: Ginger Ale (21st Pick)
Flex: Pulled Pork Sliders (27th Pick)

Cameron’s Crew
Hot food: Pizza (2nd Pick)
Chip: BBQ Pringles (18th Pick)
Vessel and Dip: Tostitos and Salsa (15th Pick)
Candy: Peanut M&Ms (7th Pick)
Beer: Samuel Adams (26th Pick)
Pop: Grape Crush (23rd Pick)
Flex: Potato Skins (10th Pick)

Tom’s Team
Hot food: Philly Cheese Steak (28th Pick)
Chip: Sweet Chili Heat (3rd Pick)
Vessel and Dip: Popcorn Shrimp and Sweet Chili Thai Sauce (14th Pick)
Candy: M&Ms (19th Pick)
Beer: Bud Light (6th Pick)
Pop: Root Beer (11th Pick)
Flex: Popcorn (22nd Pick)

Vote on the tweets below to decide who the real winner of the fantasy draft is. Comment here, on Facebook, or tweet at us to let us know any food we missed.

Podcasting has been something I’ve been looking to get into for a while now and now we’re jumping into it with both feet. Please excuse the below professional quality grade of the pod, but I feel that it’s pretty decent given the fact that I’m a rookie in the whole recording and producing game. While this is our first podcast uploaded, our first lost episode is currently on the cutting room floor due to a botched microphone by yours truly.

Keep an eye out for more episodes from here on out!


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