Bench Life Jersey Thursdays October 18th, 2018

This is the third weekly instalment of my “Jersey Thursdays” blog series. Last week we had some nice jersey submissions and an impromptu Rance Mulliniks scouting report. With this week being the start of the NBA regular season I took a more NBA-centred approach to this blog. The readership is starting to go up for these blogs but it seems like the audience participation has been limited to guys that write for this site. That being said, I’m just going to lower my pad level and keep moving the chains.

Jersey Round-Up

Retro Spud Webb Atlanta Hawks Home Jersey

This is definitely among my favourite jerseys that I own. The old Atlanta jerseys are one of the coolest looks in the NBA and definitely better than any neon yellow or big bird jerseys that they’ve rolled out since.

As for the name on the back of the jersey, Spud Webb is the man. As a 5’7″ dunk contest champ I see a lot of myself in Spud. Just a couple of short guys that live above the rim. Dunking isn’t just a part of the game it’s a lifestyle.

(Full disclaimer for the video below: Colin is a towering 7 feet tall so that puts me at about a robust 6’3″. Just a couple of big men in the paint. (Disclaimer #2 even though I wasn’t in charge of the music, “Boyfriend” by Avril Lavigne slaps and I will defend whoever was playing it to the grave))

Retro Kevin Durant Seattle Super Sonics Alternate Jersey

This jersey makes me yearn for a time when the Durantula was one of my favourite players and not just Randal the Snitch that he is now.

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The NBAโ€™s return is here ๐Ÿ””

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The old Super Sonics jerseys are cooler than anything that the OKC Thunder have ever released since the move. The NBA needs to hit the gas pedal on getting the Super Sonics back and they need to make it happen yesterday.

Paul Pierce Adidas St. Patrick’s Day Jersey

As Cameron’s former roommate, this jersey has gotten a tonne of bar play and has made the rounds each St. Patties Day. “The Truth” is one of the most beloved Celtics of all-time. Paul Pierce was pretty much the only relevant guy for Boston for pretty much an entire decade of mediocre rosters before they picked up Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen. This is just a very cool jersey.

The Weekly Jersey Dump

The Hornets are loud with their 30th Anniversary digs

While these jerseys are definitely a bold statement on a retro 90’s look, it pales in comparison to the court that the Hornets were playing on last night:

Is it really a 30th anniversary if there was a one year window where the Hornets moved to New Orleans in 2002, with the Bobcats not coming into existence in 2004? I guess the 2003-04 basketball-less season in Charlotte just didn’t mean that much… or really even the 14 years since for that matter.

Bryce Harper and Stan “The Man” Musial

Cool story, although I have the sneaking suspicion that Bryce Harper might not be the baseball historian that he seems and just likes to send his autographs to Hall of Famers.

LSU coming in hot with their new 1918 “Silent Season” Unis

Hold that tiger.

New Celtics “City” Jerseys Leaked

While I’m a big fan of just the basic kelly green jerseys, this has the potential to be my favourite look for the Boston Celtics. The yellow and green kind of has a Super Sonics vibe to it and I’m all for it.

San Jose Sharks unveil their new 3D decals on their helmets

I’m a sucker for any of the classic NHL looks. But everything that San Jose has been putting out lately is unreal. Take my money now.

If you want to show off a sweet jersey or want to put a buddy with a jersey-buying problem on blast, be sure to send your submissions to me over Twitter @twaind4

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