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Jersday Blog March 7, 2019

The Round-Up The Brendan Ballantyne pic.twitter.com/6yigCwm6hW — Chris P. Bacon (@Ashlar_YE) March 7, 2019 While you won’t find this on Fanatics best sellers list, I think it’s safe to say that Ballantyne has the most jersey sales in the Brock intramural basketball circuit. Anyone willing to put this puppy on their credit card is clearly a fan of funky jump-shooting

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2017-18 Bench Life NHL Previews: 29. Vancouver Canucks

Part 3 of 31 in our NHL previews where Waind, Burgess and I rank each NHL team 1 through 31 and give you an outlook on their season. We’re delivering these preview in the order that we collectively power ranked them. It’s far from perfect but then again, so are the Canucks. Check out our other previews: #31. Colorado Avalanche 

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